The 10 Best Basketball Documentaries You Can Watch Right Now

(Via Hannah Scherwatzky / Getty Images)

The game of basketball has given so much to us as fans. Throughout the NBA’s 75-year history, a number of athletes and moments have shaped the league into what it is today. The history of the NBA may not go as far back as other professional sports leagues, but the impact that it’s had on the culture is unrivaled. If you’re looking to get educated on some of the most iconic NBA moments and stories, here are the best basketball documentaries. 

1.) The Last Dance

Director: Jason Hehir

Watch on Netflix

2.) Magic And Bird: A Courtship Of Rivals

Director: Ezra Edelman

Watch on HBOMax

3.) The Dream Team

Director: Zak Levitt, Andy Thompson

Watch on Peacock

4.) Survive And Advance

Director: Jonathan Hock

Watch on Disney+

5.) Hoop Dreams

Director: Steve James

Watch on YouTube

6.) More Than A Game

Director: Kristopher Belman

Watch on YouTube

7.) Unguarded

Director: Jonathan Hock

Watch on ESPN+

8.) The Fab Five

Director: Jason Hehir

Watch on Disney+

9.) Benji

Director: Coodie

Watch on ESPN+

10.) Winning Time: Reggie Miller vs. The New York Knicks

Director: Dan Klores

Watch on ESPN+
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