The 15 Best College Towns To Check Out

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The ever-expanding world of university life is not just about the environment and culture, but the surrounding towns that are just as much of the college experience as the actual campuses themselves. From tailgating to the restaurants, all the way down to the merchandise shops and the unique owners that run them, there are fewer things better than the atmosphere of a college town. So now that we’ve established that fun little fact, this now leaves the inevitable question of which is the best. Of course, it’s subjective, but it could be factual depending on how you look at it. Either way, it’s about the fun. Here are the 15 college towns we feel are the best in terms of vibe, activities, and spirit. 

1. Athens, Georgia

2. New York City

3. Chapel Hill, North Carolina

4. Cambridge, Massachusetts

5. Charlottesville, Virginia

6. Berkeley, California

7. Fayetteville, Arkansas

8. Chicago, Illinois

9. Boston, Massachusetts

10. Boulder, Colorado

11. Atlanta, Georgia

12. Austin, Texas

13. Baton Rouge, Louisiana

14. College Station, Texas

15. Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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