The Top Ten LEGO Cars to Build Right Now

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I am a full-time LEGO builder, creating content online daily as I’ve done for over 6 years. When I’m not snapping bricks together, one of my favorite hobbies is finding a weekend car show to cruise around and see the classics lined up with their hoods open on a summer day. It should come as no surprise that LEGO cars are a huge interest of mine too, since it’s the intersection of two of my favorite pastimes! 

In today’s article, I’ll be displaying the Top Ten LEGO vehicles of all-time and sharing some personal anecdotes from my building journey with each of these sets. I’d love to hear your thoughts, so reach out on IG and let me know what you think!

10.) Creator Expert Fiat 500

best lego cars 0004 Screen Shot 2021 04 27 at 1.02.30 PM

This set might remind you of Luigi from Disney Pixar’s Cars, but make no mistake that this little Italian automobile deserves a spot on this list. Clocking in at just $89.99, this is the cheapest LEGO Creator Expert vehicle in this scale, and for the price, there is a ton of detail packed in. From the adjustable seats to the functioning canopy, this set was a blast to build and displays great.

Buy Now at LEGO, $89.99

9.) Ghostbusters Ecto-1

best lego cars 0003 Screen Shot 2021 04 27 at 1.03.59 PM

LEGO released this iconic model in late 2020 and surprised fans of vehicles and Ghostbusters alike. This is not scaled to minifigure scale, rather, it is built to be a larger display piece. Unfortunately, it does not include any minfigures (which I am still a little upset about) but it makes for a great display piece that will surely attract eyeballs when you place it on your LEGO shelf. 

Buy Now at LEGO, $199.99

8.) Speed Champions Challenger vs Charger

best lego cars 0005 dodge charger v challenger 1

Most of the sets on this list are “large scale,” but no list would be complete without paying homage to the LEGO Speed Champions theme, which in my opinion is often overlooked. This theme caters to car fans who want to build iconic vehicles at minifigure scale, from the classics up to the modern age. I feel that this set encapsulates the Speed Champions theme better than any other from the collection, as it comes with a plethora of customizable parts and features a classic Dodge Charger and a modern Dodge Challenger. It’s a must-have in my book! 

Buy Now at Ebay, $20+

7.) Creator Expert VW Beetle

best lego cars 0006 vw beetle 1

Iconic vehicle? CHECK! Awesome color? CHECK! Great value? CHECK! The VW Beetle is one of my favorite display pieces in my LEGO room. It’s instantly recognizable, it has a “vibe” about it, and of course, the color is a standout that makes it easy to spot from across the room. 

Buy Now at EBay, $100+

6.) Creator Expert Mustang

best lego cars 0002 Screen Shot 2021 04 27 at 1.09.43 PM 1

This set is outstanding not only in looks, but also in playability. It comes with several customizable pieces like a block engine, spoiler, and a removable top, but also features a “lift” system to allow you to jack up the back end for racing by cranking up the back tires. With its white race stripes and iconic dark blue color, this set embodies the heart of the American muscle car and is a must-have for fans of the Mustang and LEGO alike. 

Buy Now at LEGO, $149.99

5.) Creator Expert Ferrari F40

best lego cars 0007 ferrari 1

Most of us will never own a Ferrari, but owning a LEGO model might be the next best thing! This particular set is jam packed with cool features like a movable hood that shows off the model’s LEGO-built engine. Coming in classic Ferrari red, this set is as stunning as the real thing (okay, maybe not, but you get the gist).

Buy Now at Ebay, $200+

4.) LEGO Cuusoo/Ideas: Back to the Future Delorean

best lego cars 0008 delorean 1

Among the most sought after LEGO sets of the modern era is the Back to the Future Delorean. I’ve written about this set before in my “Top 2o LEGO Sets of All-Time” article, but I cannot stress how much fun this set is to build, display, and to play with. Sure, the hood doesn’t represent the iconic “slanted” hood of the 80s’ Delorean cars, but nevertheless this set delivers. It comes with spare parts that allow you to rebuild the vehicle's exterior to match any of its looks from across the three Back to the Future films, and it certainly deserves its place in the Top 5!

Buy Now at Ebay, $100+

3.) Creator Expert James Bond Aston Martin

best lego cars 0001 Screen Shot 2021 04 27 at 1.13.29 PM 1

This set is one that I didn’t have eyes for when it first released, but as you can tell it’s grown on me immensely. There are so many play features packed into this set, like the rotating license plate and the ejector seat that give this vehicle so much character. It looks great, the build is fun, and it brings to life one of Bond’s most iconic cars. What else could you ask for? (Besides a James Bond Minifig to go with it, which LEGO left out of this set for unknown reasons). 

Buy Now at LEGO, $149.99

2.) 1989 Batmobile

best lego cars 0000 Screen Shot 2021 04 27 at 1.14.24 PM 1

Much like the last entry on this list, there is something so nostalgic and fulfilling about seeing iconic movie vehicles brought to life in LEGO form, and the 1989 Batmobile is no exception. Arguably the fan favorite among on-screen Batmobiles, the 1989 “Michael Keaton” Batmobile boasts a detailed interior, a cockpit windshield that slides forward just like the movie, and two machine guns that pop up from the hood when you twist the flame exhaust in the back. The build is a little monotonous since it’s all black, but don’t let that scare you away from adding this vehicle to your LEGO collection. It’s a beautiful display piece!

Buy Now at LEGO, $249.99

1.) Creator Expert VW Bus

best lego cars 0009 vw van 2

The VW Bus always brings a smile to people’s faces, and it was a no-brainer for me to place this at #1 on the list. When I bring people to my house and give them the “LEGO Tour,” this is always the set that makes people light up the most. From the red and white exterior to the intricate “camping” feel of the interior, this set is as fun to build as it is to look at, and the smiles I’ve seen it bring to people’s faces are something that means more to me than the set itself. Truly a masterpiece from LEGO! 

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