Throwback: The 23 Best Nickelodeon Characters Ever

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What's SpongeBob SquarePants without Squidward? Jimmy Neutron without Carl? Dare I say, Rugrats without Cynthia, the inanimate, screwed-up doll of Angelica's?

Most of the time, the greatest characters in a series are the ones who the show isn't even about. Sure, some of the following are main characters, but the bulk are side characters—the ones who didn't get enough screen time but should've. In no specific order, these are 23 of the best Nickelodeon characters to ever wander past our screens.

1. Hugh Neutron

Ah, Hugh Neutron. He's Jimmy Neutron's perfectly-bizarre father who walks to the beat of his own drum and enjoys pretending to be Gollum. He's so beloved that he's even getting his own feature this summer in the Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl video game—yeah, you can play as Hugh Neutron now. Will Donut Boy return? I sure hope so.

Series: The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Portrayed By: Mark DeCarlo

2. Moody Fallon

Moody Fallon—the eponymous character of the sketch, Moody's Point, from The Amanda Show—doesn't like the sky very much. After all, it did take her mother away from her, as a hot air balloon whisked her off into the distance one day. While Moody might not be as bizarre as her friend, Misty, or her crush, Sternum, she does spend half the show looking for her father's missing toe.

Series: The Amanda Show

Portrayed By: Amanda Bynes

3. Chuckie Finster

Good 'ole Chuckie Finster—he's probably the most recognizable character from Rugrats next to Tommy and the most relatable, as he freaks out over just about anything. Also, come on, his name is Chucky Finster.

Series: Rugrats

Portrayed By: Christine Cavanaugh

4. Megan Parker

Megan. Drake and Josh's younger sister wreaks absolute havoc on the pair in a number of different ways, including adding chemicals to Josh's salsa, framing Drake for putting Mrs. Hayfer's car in her classroom, and exploding a cake in Josh's face.

Series: Drake & Josh

Portrayed By: Miranda Cosgrove

5. Penelope Tate

One of the greatest characters to come out of The Amanda Show is obviously Penelope Tate, an obsessed Amanda fan who wears a hideous outfit and orders her younger brother, Preston, to help her meet Amanda.

Series: The Amanda Show

Portrayed By: Amanda Bynes

6. Helen

Whether Helen's singing on live television or playing Dance Dance Revolution while blind, she brings the heat as manager of The Premiere, the movie theater where Josh works. Her best work is in "Helen's Surgery," which tracks Helen as Josh takes care of her after she gets laser eye surgery.

Series: Drake & Josh

Portrayed By: Yvette Nicole Brown

7. Mrs. Benson

Mrs. Benson is Freddie's abrasive, helicopter-mom mother who really just can't let go of her son. After all, that's why she was pregnant with him for 11 months—she wanted to make sure that he was done.

Series: iCarly

Portrayed By: Mary Scheer

8. Cynthia

Okay, I know Cynthia isn't an actual person, but hear me out. For being Angelica's handy dandy doll, she's made quite a mark on the Rugrats discourse over the years. Personally, I love the fact that she only has four strands of hair on her head where a larger clump used to be.

Series: Rugrats

9. Mrs. Hayfer

"I hate you" might be Mrs. Hayfer's favorite words to say to Drake, but she could honestly do a lot worse with everything she's had to put up with when it comes to him. A few examples: handing in a newspaper with his name written on top as his "paper about current events" and breaking up with her daughter because of her laugh.

Series: Drake & Josh

Portrayed By: Julia Duffy

10. Carl Wheezer

Carl's singing alone cements him as one of the best Nickelodeon characters ever, but it's the niche aspects of his personality that really give him that extra pizazz. For one, he adores llamas, and two, he adores Jimmy's mom, Judy. In fact, he once through a brick through her window just to serenade her.

Series: The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Portrayed By: Rob Paulsen

11. Cosmo and Wanda

Listen, Cosmo and Wanda are such iconic characters that they've literally spilled over into the real world. Let me explain. They're obviously just coincidences, but a little too frequently, people keep seeing the same hues of pink and green in different objects throughout the day. Personally, I've seen two pink and green garbage cans right next to one another on the side of the street and two pink and green rags in a mop bucket.

Series: The Fairly OddParents

Portrayed By: Daran Norris, Susanne Blakeslee

12. Ms. Fowl

Her squawking might just top Carl Wheezer's singing, and that's saying a lot.

Series: The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Portrayed By: Andrea Martin

13. Squidward

Nyeh, Squidward. Nyeh, Squidward. Nyeh, Squidward. You get the point, and you probably know the episode. While maybe we didn't fully appreciate him until we all got a little older, Squidward is probably the greatest rude character to have ever been written.

Series: SpongeBob SquarePants

Portrayed By: Rodger Bumpass

14. Misty Raines

Misty Raines is one of Moody's friends in the Moody's Point sketch; she's super paranoid, gets easily upset, and accidentally gets a baboon heart transplant at one point. Oh, and after that transplant, she's thrown out of a gymnastics competition for her unfair advantage.

Series: The Amanda Show

Portrayed By: Molly Orr

15. Nigel Thornberry

Am I throwing Nigel Thornberry in here simply because of his iconic mustache and accent? Maybe. But while I'm here, he also very closely resembles Simon van Kempen from The Real Housewives of New York City and now you won't be able to unsee it, either.

Series: The Wild Thornberrys

Portrayed By: Tim Curry

16. Karen

Plankton's robot-wife, Karen, is host to some of the most absurdly hilarious lines in all of SpongeBob, though I'd say her greatest one is: "Plankton: one percent evil, 99 percent hot gas."

Series: SpongeBob SquarePants

Portrayed By: Jill Talley

17. Coco Wexler

Coco is by far the most underrated character in Zoey 101; we love her so much because she's chaotic, eats ravioli out of the can, and speaks the truth.

Series: Zoey 101

Portrayed By: Jessica Chaffin

18. Tito Makani

The beloved owner of the local Shore Shack, Tito is the heart of Rocket Power. Not only is he a longtime fixture in the surfing community, but he always makes time to pass out snacks and give advice to the Rocket Power crew.

Series: Rocket Power

Portrayed By: Ray Bumatai

19. Gordy

Honestly, I almost put the weasel in this spot instead of Gordy, but without Gordy, there would be no weasels—it's a chicken-and-the-egg sort of situation. He's the worst janitor around, and without him, we wouldn't have had half the show we got with Ned's Declassified.

Series: Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Portrayed By: Daran Norris

20. Gerald Johanssen

I know, Arnold might've been the obvious choice since the show is literally called Hey Arnold!, but alas, we can't forget about Arnold's favorite buddy, Gerald.

Series: Hey Arnold!

Portrayed By: Jamil Walker Smith

21. Quinn Pensky

Whether it's harvesting banapples, demolishing robots, creating Frazz, or inventing a plasma rat trap, Quinn Pensky is always around to come up with a "Quinnvention" to solve whatever issue's going on within her friend group at PCA. Do all of them work? Definitely not.

Series: Zoey 101

Portrayed By: Erin Sanders

22. Kenan and Kel

Now, it wouldn't be a proper gathering of the best Nickelodeon characters without the mention of Kenan and Kel. One of the most insanely funny pairs in all of Nickelodeon history, Kenan and Kel threw themselves into the most absurd situations in this sort-of spinoff from All That.

Series: Kenan & Kel

Portrayed By: Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell

23. Coconut Head

Gadzooks, it's Coconut Head! I actually don't know why I wrote "gadzooks" but it somehow felt applicable here. Anyway, I can't even attempt to come up with a paragraph that adequately pays homage to Coconut Head.

Series: Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Portrayed By: Rob Pinkston

Honorable Mentions

Sternum from Moody's Point, the iTeacher from Ned's Declassified, Poultra from the Jimmy Neutron movie, Man Ray from SpongeBob SquarePants, and the Unfabulous theme song. I know that's not a person, but I had to mention it somewhere.

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