Throwback: The 23 Best Nickelodeon Characters Ever

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What's SpongeBob SquarePants without Squidward? Jimmy Neutron without Carl? Dare I say, Rugrats without Cynthia, the inanimate, screwed-up doll of Angelica's?

Most of the time, the greatest characters in a series are the ones who the show isn't even about. Sure, some of the following are main characters, but the bulk are side characters—the ones who didn't get enough screen time but should've. In no specific order, these are 23 of the best Nickelodeon characters to ever wander past our screens.

1. Hugh Neutron

2. Moody Fallon

3. Chuckie Finster

4. Megan Parker

5. Penelope Tate

6. Helen

7. Mrs. Benson

8. Cynthia

9. Mrs. Hayfer

10. Carl Wheezer

11. Cosmo and Wanda

12. Ms. Fowl

13. Squidward

14. Misty Raines

15. Nigel Thornberry

16. Karen

17. Coco Wexler

18. Tito Makani

19. Gordy

20. Gerald Johanssen

21. Quinn Pensky

22. Kenan and Kel

23. Coconut Head

Honorable Mentions

Sternum from Moody's Point, the iTeacher from Ned's Declassified, Poultra from the Jimmy Neutron movie, Man Ray from SpongeBob SquarePants, and the Unfabulous theme song. I know that's not a person, but I had to mention it somewhere.

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