The 20 Best Pepsi Flavors Ranked From Worst to Best

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Maybe we're feeling a little hot and bothered because of the extreme heat that we've been experiencing over the past month or so, but today we're in the mood to talk soda—Pepsi in particular. While there seems to be an on-going debate about which is better, Coke or Pepsi (I can personally attest to this having worked in a restaurant), there seems to be a portion of the population that prefers Coke, and then a portion that prefers Pepsi. That's a discussion for another day. Today, however, we're going into a Pepsi flavor rabbit hole that no doubt will have you running to your nearest store or gas station to pick up a bottle. That's right, we're going to take a look at the Pepsi flavors ranked from worst to best. Of course these are based on our respective experiences, but there's several that we also think are universally agreed upon.

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How Many Pepsi Flavors Are There?

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Pepsi is constantly introducing new flavors into their lineup and taking some flavors away, so it can be hard to keep track as they come and go. As per Pepsi's official website, there's thirteen flavors that are currently available as of this writing.

When Was Pepsi Invented?

Who Owns Pepsi?

Now let's get to the list.

20. Diet Pepsi Caffeine Free

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There are some sodas where the diet version tastes pretty similar to the regular (Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew for example). Pepsi, however, is not one of them. That's not to say Diet Pepsi can't be appreciated, but making a caffeine version of it almost seems criminal. Apparently there's some of y'all out there that enjoy it though, because it has a 4-star rating. Whatever floats your boat.

19. Diet Pepsi Wild Cherry

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Le sigh. Where do we even start. Honestly we're not even sure if we can access Diet Pepsi Wild Cherry in a fair manner because Wild Cherry Pepsi is so good, that nothing can measure up. It's not that the Diet Wild Cherry is bad, it's that... it isn't nearly as good as it's non-diet counterpart.

18. Pepsi Zero Sugar Mango

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Sigh again. Our sentiments on the Pepsi Zero Sugar Mango is exactly the same as both the Diet Pepsi Caffeine Free and Diet Pepsi Wild Cherry—it isn't bad, but it isn't great. Mango and zero sugar shouldn't really be in the same sentence either, but we digress.

17. Pepsi Zero Sugar Wild Cherry

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Call us crazy, but we actually think the Zero Sugar version of Pepsi Wild Cherry tastes better than Diet Pepsi Wild Cherry. Don't ask us why because there's no legitimate explanation.

16. Pepsi x Peeps

15. Crystal Pepsi

14. Pepsi Caffeine Free

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Not the best. Not the worst. Could use a little bit of caffeine, but that would defeat the purpose.

13. Pepsi Vanilla

12. Nitro Pepsi

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Nitro Pepsi does what it's supposed to as it has nitrogen gas as opposed to regular carbonation. It feels like you're drinking an energy drink, but it isn't bad. Not our favorite, but still not bad.

11. Nitro Pepsi Vanilla

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Same deal as the standard version except we think the Vanilla is more flavorful.

10. Pepsi Lime

9. Pepsi Strawberry Burst

8. Pepsi Raging Razzberry

7. Pepsi Summer Mix

6. Pepsi Max Lemon

5. Pepsi Gold

4. Diet Pepsi

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Having worked in a restaurant during my college years, I can personally say that Diet Pepsi has a huge audience (and we do mean huge). If we're going based on our experience, Diet Pepsi is the most requested and popular out of all the diet sodas. That's just our experience though.

3. Pepsi Zero

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One reviewer had this to say about Pepsi Zero Sugar: "This is a must have for me!! I literally panic when I can't find it. I'll go to every store in town until I find it!" That should tell you everything you need to know about what people think of Pepsi Zero Sugar.

2. Pepsi

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Are we really putting the original Pepsi flavor in the number two spot? Why yes, yes we are because...

1. Pepsi Wild Cherry

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Nothing tops Pepsi Wild Cherry in our book. Nothing.

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