The 20 Best Sneakerhead Instagram Accounts to Follow Right Now

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Being a sneakerhead is a never ending whirlwind of excitement, chock full of high and lows. When you snag a sneaker that has been on your radar it feels amazing, but when you miss a sneaker that you really wanted on the SNKRS app, it feels terrible. If you are a self-proclaimed sneakerhead, then you know that there’s way more that goes into buying a new pair of kicks than just liking the way they look. Regardless of what stage of sneaker fandom you’re in, you may be wondering about the best sneakerhead accounts to follow. Here is a list of the 20 best sneakerhead accounts that you can keep an eye on. 

While there are plenty of other great sneakerhead accounts that you can follow, these are the ones that we felt belonged in the top 20. Whether you follow these accounts or others, following any ‘sneakerhead account’ is a good step to help with selecting your sneakers and becoming more informed regarding sneaker culture.

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