The 16 Best Sci-Fi Shows and Movies on Hulu

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Robot police dogs, a global pandemic, a hentai addict covertly controlling an international cult from his home in Japan, social media networks for children, and helicopters on Mars: 2021 is already a bunch of different sci-fi movies smashed into one. It’s an odd time to want to engage in fictional dystopias considering the world we live in is … pretty dystopian.

Whether you look towards sci-fi for space-opera escapism or incisive questions about identity, there’s an appropriately overwhelming amount of media currently available for streaming. Hulu’s selection in particular is impressively expansive. Ranging from anime classics to original spins on important literature to trashy reboots of beloved franchises, we’ve picked out the 16 best TV shows and movies we could find — all currently available to be beamed directly into your brain!

16. 'Aniara'

15. 'Possessor'

14. 'Tetsuo: The Bullet Man'

13. 'Cowboy Bebop'

12. 'Dollhouse'

11. 'The Handmaid’s Tale'

10. 'Gurren Lagann'

9. 'Futurama'

8. 'Shape of Water'

7. 'All That We Destroy'

6. 'Terminator: Dark Fate'

5. 'Mobile Suit Gundam Wing'

4. '12 Monkeys'

3. 'Roswell'

2. 'Akira'

1. 'Melancholia'

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