Jedi Drip: The 15 Best Star Wars Outfits, Ranked

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How often are you able to walk down the street, run into a fluffy bear wearing a bib, say to yourself, "Oh, that's normal," and continue on with your day like nothing insane just happened?

We're so used to the bizarre outfits in Star Wars that we don't even blink an eye when a person wearing something completely absurd walks past the camera—and I'm thankful for that. An alien in an orange vest getting a drink at the bar? A naked elephant playing the piano? Yep, that's all normal here.

In appreciation of the widespread acceptance that's inherently a part of the galaxy's culture, I've decided to rank some of the greatest Star Wars outfits we've ever seen. And I'm sorry, I didn't include Darth Vader: we get it, he wears all black and has a nice helmet and breathes out of a machine—it's cool. These are some of the more slept-on Star Wars outfits over the years, from the early days with the original trilogy to the spin-off shows of the present.

15. Dexter Jettster

dexter outfit jpg
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What's so great about Dexter Jettster's outfit is that he just does not care at all about what he looks like. He's got a dirty rag draped over his shoulder, food and grease stains all over his ill-fitting shirt, and he totally owns it all—that's fashion.

14. Jango Fett

jango outfit jpg
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No, Jango Fett should not be ranked higher than this. I mean, he's on this list, which means he has one of the drippiest fits, but in comparison to his son, Boba, this outfit just doesn't stand up. Jango's armor has always looked cheaply made to me and doesn't seem to have the same upgraded feel that others have. Honestly, it sort of looks like Jango just picked this armor up at the local Party City and then hit up Geonosis—and we all know how well that turned out.

13. Boushh

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Princess Leia—AKA Boushh—might have one of the most underrated outfits in all of Star Wars. She doesn't have much screen time as Boushh, but the faux-bounty hunter's armor and helmet are really unlike anything we had ever seen up until this point. While I never understood how Leia was able to see out of the helmet itself (Through the slit on the top? Through the mouthpiece? What's going on!?), sometimes as a Bounty Hunter you have to go with fashion over function (just ask Jango Fett).

12. Scout Trooper

scout trooper outfit jpg
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Okay, I know we're not supposed to like stormtroopers, but it would be insane to exclude the best dressed of the Empire: scout troopers. Not only are they a bit more likable than your average, run-of-the-mill stormtroopers, but their helmets? Don't even get me started, because I could genuinely write a novella about how incredibly designed these are. I don't care if they slightly resemble the Scream mask, they've got an incredible shape to them while also looking endearing.

11. Padmé Amidala - 'Attack of the Clones'

padme outfit jpg
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Padmé could literally roll up to the club tonight in this outfit and no one would bat an eye. She could also attend Kyle Richards' annual White Party and would be appropriately dressed. It's perfectly tattered as to both look accidental and purposeful and feels like a subtle shout-out to Princess Leia's outfits of the past. She's even rocking arm jewelry on the battlegrounds of Geonosis; what's there not to like here?

10. Luke Skywalker - 'The Empire Strikes Back'

dagobah2 jpg 1
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It's not often that we see Luke Skywalker sleeveless, but come on, it's Dagobah and it always looks excruciatingly humid there. The real prize of this outfit is that Yoda is his outfit. What better way to accessorize than to have a little green dude hanging off your back? It's also a great conversation starter because the accessory can literally speak for itself.

9. Grogu

grogu outfit jpg
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Grogu definitely has the coziest fit of the Star Wars crew. Essentially, he toddles around all day in one of those potato sacks that you would race in on Field Day in elementary school. It's a shirt, but it's also a blanket, but it's also a dress? I guess it's really just a Snuggie. And with the new chainmail he acquired in The Book of Boba Fett, he's unstoppable.

8. Han Solo - 'Return of the Jedi'

han solo outfit2 jpg
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Han Solo can pull off any outfit (including carbonite), so it almost seems unfair to choose one, but his get-up on Endor gives us the best of both worlds. He's got his classic Han Solo shirt and vest, but thrown on top is a pretty funky camouflage jacket to match the earth tones of Endor.

7. Luke Skywalker - 'Return of the Jedi'

luke outfit jpg
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The usual Jedi garb is pretty chunky. They've got multiple layers of robes, belts, and the occasional hood—basically, they end up looking like a big ole ACE Bandage. Luke Skywalker really streamlines his outfit into the more modern Jedi by wearing a fairly tight-fitting black-on-black fit.

6. Din Djarin / The Mandalorian

mando3 jpg
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Now, this is what I was referring to when I was talking about Jango Fett's outfit. It actually looks like Din Djarin can take some hefty damage in this armor, whereas Jango's looks like it was made out of foam. Comprised of Beskar, Mando's outfit is not only practically indestructible—it's also shiny.

5. Wicket

wicket4 jpg
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If we could just hop out of bed each morning wearing a giant bib, I think we'd all be a lot happier.

4. Boba Fett

boba fett 1 jpg
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While Boba Fett's outfit might not be as shiny as Din Djarin's, it is without a question the best out of all the Mandalorian types of armor. First off, the color. The COLOR! Rusted from years of use, Boba's armor mixes the perfect muted hues of teal, maroon, and gold. However, maybe he should've taken slightly better care of his jetpack as a blind Han Solo sent Fett spinning into the Sarlacc pit. Aside from that minor issue, I'd say that this was a pretty great thrift on Boba's part.

3. Lando Calrissian - 'The Empire Strikes Back'

lando outfit jpg
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Lando Calrissian has an inimitable swagger. In The Empire Strikes Back, he brought the Star Wars fashion game to new heights the minute he stepped onto the landing platform on Bespin. Sure, he's wearing a pretty simple shirt, but you can tell by the fabric that it's well-made, and that's on top of the fact that it matches the back of his cape, which is lined in gold.

2. Princess Leia - 'The Empire Strikes Back'

leia outfit jpg
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This is the one. Princess Leia is rocking an all-white, gorpy fit with a cream-colored vest and the best of her braided hairstyles at the beginning of The Empire Strikes Back. While her white dress in A New Hope was obviously her most iconic, it just doesn't have the same flare (or function) as her Hoth outfit. The worn-in look emits cozy vibes while also serving a purpose: they're on the ice planet of Hoth and vests keep your core warm!

1. Max Rebo

max rebo2 jpg
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Sometimes no outfit is the best outfit.

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