6 Things We Learned From 'Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé'

The facts and surprises revealed about Beyoncé during the film

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One thing is clear—if Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter was a "grown woman" ten years ago when she released her groundbreaking self-titled album, then she most certainly is in her highest evolved state now as a legend who in her own words "has nothing left to prove." Debuting as the lead singer of Destiny's Child in 1997 and progressing into a solo career that includes seven number-one albums, over 200 million records sold worldwide, the most Grammy Awards of All-Time, and an eventual two-time induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame when she's eligible (one for Destiny's Child and one solo) amongst other accomplishments, Beyoncé is right—she truly doesn't have anything left to prove to anyone. Anything else she does at this point is just simply adding onto her legacy, and right now she is undoubtedly in her prime.

The latest accomplishment in a year that has included her becoming the most-awarded Grammy artist in history and embarking on record-setting world tour in support of last year's Renaissance release (a tour that grossed close to $600 million by the way), is a concert film/documentary of the latter. Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé, is not only a documentary that gives you a behind the scenes look at the action that took place during the tour, but a rare insight into the private life that the superstar fiercely protects.

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In addition to the iconic showmanship, eye-popping visuals, designer outfits, incredible vocals, and choreography, we also get to see a glimpse of Beyoncé the mom. A mother who has her children with her every step of the way, a mother who's concerned about her 11-year-old daughter being in front of the world on the biggest stage, a mother who will have one of her children on her lap as she's working—seamlessly balancing both. And as usual, we're reminded Bey has always been one of the hardest workers in the game, and that the only thing stopping her from going as hard as what she used to is the fact that she's now a family woman (something she admitted in Homecoming—her documentary for her 2018 Coachella performance).

There's a lot to take away from the three-hour extravaganza that is Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé, but here are six general things we learned.

1. Beyoncé indeed had surgery on her knee

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It's been speculated that Beyoncé had knee surgery since the beginning of this year when it was when was tweeted by a reporter around the time of her massive Dubai concert, but the rumor wasn't officially confirmed until now. While the exact timing wasn't given in the documentary, we now that it took place sometime before the official preparations started for the Renaissance Tour, and that she didn't have much time to recover.

2. The steel was the most expensive part of the show

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If you thought the most expensive part of the Renaissance Tour were the elaborate designer costumes and special effects—you're wrong. It's the actually the amount steel used underneath the stage. During the film, Beyoncé points out that the steel is what's used to support and prop the stage up and, well, steel doesn't come cheap. Bey has been no stranger over the course of her career when it comes to doing whatever it takes to make sure her vision comes to fruition—even if that means coming out of pocket herself (she's financed multiple projects on her own in the past when she wasn't given budget).

3. Beyoncé still has to repeat herself

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If you thought 26-years in that the days of Beyoncé not being listened to properly were long gone—again, you're wrong. Beyoncé is still very much having to repeat herself over and over again, to the point where they eventually realize that she's absolutely not going to give up—and that they are absolutely going to have to make whatever it is that she wants work.

4. Blue Ivy Carter has the same resilience as her mother

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Beyoncé has had to endure hate and negativity on a national scale since debuting as a teenager herself, and unfortunately her 11-year-old daughter Blue Ivy Carter has been enduring that same type of hate and negativity since her birth in 2012. One can only assume that's why the answer was originally no from Beyoncé when Blue asked to join her on stage. Bey eventually changed her mind after seeing how hard Blue was working to learn the choreography, and through the film, you see how much of a shining star she already is. Blue is still very much a kid and it remains to be seen what she'll do career-wise in the future, but whatever she chooses she's sure to be successful with her glowing personality, talent, and work ethic.

5. Beyoncé is living for herself nowadays

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This isn't the first time Beyoncé has referred to the younger versions of herself as being a "people pleaser"—but once again, she reiterates that thought-process is over. Beyoncé no longer cares what you think or expect of her. Not only that, but she's finding out that life is only getting better with age. In the film Bey states that she thought that her 20s and 30s would be the best decades, but two years into her forties she's having the time of her life.

6. Stick around for the ending credits

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While we don't get the long-awaited visuals in the Renaissance film, there is a surprise that's worth sticking around past the end-credits for. As for what that surprise is, we aren't going to be ruin it, but consider the heads-up to be us giving you a good look out.

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