All the Songs on Britney Spears' Debut Album 'Baby One More Time', Ranked

In honor of the album's 25th anniversary

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It's Britney b!tch. A few months ago we covered the 25th anniversary of one of the greatest millennial pop songs of all-time, "Baby One More Time," so it's only right we follow that up with something to commemorate Britney's actual debut album right? To have been a kid/teen/young adult in the late 1990s and early 2000s was something like magic. You had groups like NSYNC and Destiny's Child representing the boy and girl group scene. Artists like Christina Aguilera making their debut around the same time, the "Latin Explosion" of 1999 (which we'll cover later on this year)—and that's just the music side of things. Britney's debut was one for the ages, and while it might seem cliche to say you had to have been there—you really had to have been there, and if you were like me—you definitely had Britney on your lunchbox as a child. It's hard to believe it's been a whole 25 years since that era, and to commemorate we're taking a look and ranking all the songs on Britney Spears' debut record. Also of note: in a post-and-delete on Instagram, Spears recently teased that "something new" is coming. Hmmm...

That's right, we'll be taking a look at each song on Britney's debut and ranking them. Stick with us if you're ready for this blast from the past.

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When Was Britney Spears' Debut Album Released?

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Simply titled Baby One More Time, Spears' debut album hit shelves on January 12, 1999. At the time of its release the record was criticized by some music critics for being too "bubblegum pop," but time has been the biggest strength for Baby One More Time as many have since gone on to appreciate its contribution to revolutionizing the early 2000's pop scene. Considered one of the greatest pop records of all-time, Baby One More Time is Spears' best-selling album to date with over 25 million copies sold. This amount also makes the album one of the best selling of all-time period.

Additionally, Baby One More Time has been certified 14x platinum by the RIAA, making it a diamond record. Additionally, Spears also received a nomination for "Best New Artist" at the 2000 Grammy Awards for her contributions to the music industry over the previous year.

How Was the Album Promoted?

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If you guys rock with our review enough, we might give you a retrospective of the promotional tour Britney embarked on in support of the album. For now, however, in June 1999 Spears set out on the first part of her tour for the album, which was called...the Baby One More Time Tour. Lasting from June to September, the tour hit all many different cities across the United States and Canada, further establishing Britney's rising dominance as a young artist.

Of note: Headlining your own tour for your very first album is not a feat that many new artists get to achieve as a good percentage have to start off being the opening act for a bigger musician to get audiences introduced to them. This is a further testament to the success and popularity Britney was achieving in the first phase of her career.

Now onto the ranking:

11. "E-mail My Heart"

10. "Soda Pop"

9. "I Will Be There"

8. "Thinkin' About You"

7. "From the Bottom of My Broken Heart"

6. "The Beat Goes On"

5. "Born to Make You Happy"

4. "I Will Still Love You"

3. "Sometimes"

2. "Baby One More Time"

1. "(You Drive Me) Crazy"

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