How to Buy LEGO on a $100 Budget

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Jason Koeppel // ONE37pm

There’s no doubt that collecting LEGO can be an expensive hobby. In fact, I’ve found that LEGO sets are a lot like tattoos: people rarely only have one! As a lifelong collector, navigating the waters of budgeting for this hobby is one of the most common questions I get asked. Let’s explore some creative ways to buy LEGO on a $100 budget:

1. Choose a focus

LEGO Harry Potter

By choosing a focus, this will help you fend off temptation to spend your budget on multiple themes. By choosing a focus, you can narrow your scope and buy a few sets to build a clone army, get most of The Avengers, or obtain most of the main characters from Harry Potter. Whatever focus you choose, this can help you from feeling overwhelmed with all of the options available for sets to buy when you walk down the LEGO aisle.

2. Six of One, Half-Dozen of Another

star wars 501st clone trooper set

One of the unique aspects of collecting LEGO is army building, particularly in the LEGO Star Wars theme.

For example, getting a clone trooper from the Star Wars Black Series of 6 inch figures would cost $22.99, but the LEGO Star Wars 501st Clone Trooper set costs $29.99 and comes with five clones, a walker, a speeder, and some battle droids to fight against. While neither line of toys is better than the other (though I may have a slight bias,) it’s evident that LEGO offers an easier route to army build than perhaps any other toy line available today.

3. Go Big, or Go Small

lego city set

In our hypothetical scenario of using a $100 budget, it can be easy to feel stuck with what you buy. $100 can get you some amazing Avengers or Harry Potter sets. It can also get you a bunch of great smaller City sets, or even a few medium-priced Star Wars sets. The options are endless, but one approach I always like to suggest is to think about your home’s display space. Do you have space to display a large build, or is displaying several smaller builds more feasible for you?

Either way, thinking about where your LEGO set(s) will live before making your trip to the store is a great way to help determine what the best option for you will be.

4. It’s Okay to NOT Be a Completist!


In today’s social media-driven world, it’s easy to feel the pressure of keeping up with the Joneses. As a content creator, I feel pressure to buy the biggest and best of everything LEGO puts out. While LEGO can be satisfying (and addicting!) we as collectors have to realize that at the end of the day, we can’t have it all. It’s okay to not have certain pieces in your collection.

If you choose a focus, it can really help alleviate the manufactured pressure of the need to own everything. Buying the sets, minifigures, and pieces that make you happy should always be the goal. As long as you’re enjoying your hobby, you are unstoppable!

Do you have your own approach on how to buy LEGO on a $100 budget? DM me on IG any time with your tips, and as always, stay inspired and happy building! 

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