The First Episode of ONE37pm's Cannabis State of the Union is Here

Michael Caloca / ONE37pm

Cannabis is truly one of the fastest-moving spaces around right now and it can be difficult to keep up with all of the constantly evolving facets of a newly legalizing business world. That's where Cannabis State of the Union comes in. Hosted by Rama Mayo, cannabis branding expert & co-founder of the Green Street house of brands (and overall amazing human), the first episode debuted this morning, featuring none other than Gary Vaynerchuk and legendary rapper the Game. The focus of the episode is the recent and ongoing explosion of the cannabis industry; Gary and the Game provide unique insight into the space as both have been involved in the business in a myriad of ways.

It's difficult to think of an industry that GaryVee hasn't at the very least dipped his toes into, but the king of content has certainly been on the cannabis grind for some time. His collaborative brand with Juicy J (who will be a guest on a future episode), Asterisk*, is just one of the ways in which he's been involved in the space. As someone with a deeply lucrative and successful career in alcohol sales, Gary is uniquely positioned to talk about the burgeoning world of a new vice, cannabis. He's one of the co-owners of Green Street Agency, a leader in the world of branding for marijuana companies. The cannabis space is different from other marketing industries right now due to the many constraints on elements of advertising; Green Street has figured out how to be the best in the biz, by emphasizing "community over industry."

The Game is no stranger to the cannabis world either; his signature brand Trees by Game has been widely lauded by fans of the rapper and weed alike. The mission of the Game's venture is simple: to deliver California's highest quality flower to “the real smokers." As an already respected connoisseur of cannabis, the Game hand selects the strains used for the line; the man is the ultimate curator.

Between the superbly credentialed host and charismatic guests, the first episode of the podcast is a must-listen for smokers and people more interested in the business machinations of the thriving industry. Listen today and look out for future episodes with Brandon Melendez, Shavo Odadjian, Juicy J and Dr. Dina.

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