Celebrities on TikTok: How 12 Stars Are Using It

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Your favorite celebrities are more accessible than ever. With social apps like Instagram and Twitter at millions of users’ fingertips, fans can easily show their appreciation for actors, musicians, athletes and influencers. Now these celebs are starting to pop up on TikTok, another content creation tool focused on short clips paired with popular music, trending sounds or compelling captions. 

The following list of famous figures have not only gained an army of loyal followers on TikTok, but they’ve also done an excellent job at increasing their following and keeping their fans entertained through several clever means. And be sure to check out the best TikTok challenges of 2019 as well as our guide on posting on TikTok to join the fray. 

1. Will Smith // @willsmith

The older and so much wiser “Fresh Prince” joined TikTok this year and immediately made a huge splash. Will Smith’s first clip has “big-budget project” written all over it. His posts are visual roller coasters full of slick production value, dope tracks and trademark charm.

2. Marshmello // @marshmellomusic

The world-renowned DJ and music producer, who’s known for donning his signature headpiece, has tons of fun on his page these days. Marshmello takes a break from his sellout gigs and engages in a bunch of random activities for the world to see on TikTok. His penchant for originality comes into focus via his clips, where he does everything from screwing up the bottle cap challenge to dancing on top of an airplane wing.

3. Ariana Grande // @arianagrande

Ariana Grande has chosen to keep it simple with her TikTok activities by using her own songs to showcase her lip-syncing skills with a friend and her masterful bike-riding skills. And she’s followed the trend of hot TikTok challenges by asking fans to use her song “Side to Side” to create something trend-worthy.

4. Cardi B // @iamcardib

Cardi B has taken to TikTok like a moth to a flame. She’s shown plenty of love to folks who’ve pulled off dope dance numbers to her verse on Bruno Mars’ “Finesse” remix. She’s also made sure to plug her biggest tunes and brought plenty of digital smoke by announcing a rap—wait, excuse us—a “wrap” battle. You just gotta love Cardi!

5. Reese Witherspoon // @officialreesetiktok

Before she hopped on the TikTok wave, Reese Witherspoon consulted her son for some sage advice. A few suggestions later and voila—the actress blessed the thriving platform with a strong first effort backed by “Mr. Sandman.” Judging by her initial posts, it looks like Witherspoon’s TikTok domination is just getting started. 

6. Jason Derulo // @jasonderulo

Jason Derulo! He’s living his best life on TikTok. Besides plugging his latest singles and soundtrack features, the singer-songwriter joins in on the dance choreography crazes to all sorts of contemporary tunes. He loves to put people on to his favorite songs of the moment. 

7. Ed Sheeran // @edsheeran

When Ed Sheeran sent out the call to everyone on TikTok to highlight the person or people they deem the most beautiful, the floodgates opened. Users adopted his “Beautiful People” song as a way to show their loved ones how much they appreciate them in video form. His TikTok page has turned into a heartwarming collection of clips that soothes the soul and elicits warm vibrations.

8. Lizzo // @lizzo

lizzo tiktok

Users displaying their DNA test results to Lizzo’s catchiest line off “Truth Hurts” this year dominated TikTok (“I just took a DNA test / Turns out I'm 100 percent that bitch”). As for the lovable pop star herself, she’s used the platform to jam out to her own hit singles. And she’s also professed her love for Kent Jones’ “Don’t Mind” with a cute dance number. Never forget that Lizzo is “100 percent that bitch” on any social media platform she’s on.

9. Liza Koshy // @lizzza

Liza Koshy has been in the social media game for a long time. Her veteran status is legit due to her humble beginnings on Vine starting in 2013. Since arriving on TikTok, she has brought her energetic style and hilarious skits to the platform in a host of entertaining clips. Her choices in lip-sync-worthy tunes are varied, and her lovable nature is incredibly magnetic.

10. Jonas Brothers // @jonasbrothers

Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas document everything and anything to satiate their fan base. Concert preparation, backstage antics, tour stops and non-music-related clips are regularly produced by the trio. The Jonas Brothers’ fun-loving nature is always on full display.

11. Meghan Trainor // @meghantrainor

While the world awaits Meghan Trainor’s upcoming role on the ninth season of The Voice UK, she’s giving her fans a show of her own with cute musical clips. It’s easy to fall into a Meghan Trainor TikTok rabbit hole—there’s cupcake eating contests, doggy-assisted performances, makeup preparations and good ol’ fashioned lip-synching. 

12. Loren Gray // @lorengray

Loren Gray is the most-followed celebrity on TikTok. After joining the app in 2015 when it was still known as, Gray grabbed the attention of millions of followers with her successful attempts at bringing different tunes to life via skits. All of her work on TikTok has built her brand into a social media juggernaut. It’s easy to see why she’s claimed TikTok superstardom—she’s just so good at what she does.

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