Buying Into Bud: Celebrities Who Have Invested in Weed

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One of mankind's greatest philosophers and modern thinkers once said "I do have a plan for the country [the USA]. It needs education. And there should be drug education - only people should be taught how to smoke pot, because even potheads don't know how to smoke pot. I've evolved into not only an activist, but an educator. I want to show people how, when, and why they should smoke pot." That man was none other than Tommy Chong, half of the comedic duo 'Cheech and Chong'. That vision Tommy Chong had of educating the pot-smokers of the world has nearly come to full fruition. Marijuana is legalized in 21 states, with another 10 states decriminalizing the plant. Because of the new legislation, a lot of celebrities have been quick to get their hands in on the weed game. Here are 20 celebrities who have invested in weed.

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1.) Snoop Dogg

2.) Wiz Khalifa

3.) Jim Belushi

4.) Seth Rogen

5.) Whoopi Goldberg

6.) Rob Gronkowski

7.) Jay-Z

8.) Mike Tyson

9.) Willie Nelson

10.) Tommy Chong

11.) Martha Stewart

12.) John Legend

13.) David Crosby

14.) Al Harrington

15.) Ice Cube

16.) Kristen Bell

17.) Jane Fonda

18.) Megan Rapinoe

19.) Terrell Davis

20.) Gwyneth Paltrow

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