Chase Bank Is Celebrating 2020 Grads with a Virtual Commencement, Featuring a Few of Our Favorite Celebs

Spoiler alert: It's Serena Williams, Kevin Hart and Steph Curry

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For students, online classes and stay at home orders are having a real impact on routines and the daily flow of life in general. It's particularly a tough time to be a graduating senior because there won't be traditional graduations where students get to walk across the stage with a diploma in hand and a huge smile on their faces. 

But don't worry, there's good news and we have Chase to thank for that. Because the company isn't just sympathizing with students—it's going the extra mile to support seniors by organizing a virtual graduation ceremony called "Show Me Your Walk. "As a mom of a Class of 2020 high school senior, I know these students have put in an amazing effort, and we should all rally around them to celebrate their achievements," said Leslie Gillin, Chief Marketing Officer at Chase. There is a bright future ahead, and it will be so much better because of them."

And to make the event even more special Chase has got Kevin Hart, Serena Williams, and Steph Curry on board to all help congratulate the graduates. The trio will be 2020 commencement speakers for everyone graduating everywhere. It's all going to go down tomorrow, May 2, with the goal of sharing some wisdom and setting graduates up for financial success, too.

Thasunda Brown, CEO of Chase Consumer Banking, told us about the event in an awesome and optimistic Instagram post. In addition to the commencement ceremony featuring Curry, Hart, and Williams, students are also being encouraged to participate by using the hashtag “ShowMeYourWalk” on Tiktok.

The challenge is for all seniors from high school to grad school. It's meant to let everyone know that Chase recognizes their achievements, that they’re being celebrated, and that graduating in these trying times is a feat that doesn’t go unnoticed.

“I really want to give the message that we’re really proud to see what they’re doing,” Williams, 38, told People. “I definitely want to talk about goals and how it takes countless hours to reach a goal. I want to remind them that success is subjective...success is what you make it, mostly. I hope to provide nuggets of wisdom that have kind of worked along my journey.”

Curry co-signed this sentiment, telling the magazine, “This is a way for everybody to collectively step up and celebrate that class that has put so much work in. Everybody, through this virus and pandemic, we’re missing that physical interaction and that ability to be with people that matter the most to you in the same room and have laughs and shared experiences.”

Don't forget to show your support for grads everywhere by tuning in to the “Show Me Your Walk” event tomorrow, Saturday, May 2nd, at 2 pm EST on Twitter and YouTube.

And here’s Kevin, showing you how to “Show Your Walk”: 

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