Dana White's Net Worth Has Skyrocketed In Recent Years

And it's not just because of the UFC

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Whether you know a bunch about MMA or not, there’s a good chance you know who Dana White is. He’s the UFC President and has been since January of 2001. Back then, considering the sport's perception in the mainstream and how popular it was, people might have turned their nose up at that title. But in 2020, when Dana White is worth an estimated $500 million, the tune has changed dramatically.

So how exactly did he make his fortune of half a billion dollars? Let’s find out.

Buying The UFC

Selling The UFC


Although it’s not something you should rely on to feed your family, winning in Vegas has earned Dana millions of dollars. He has been banned from the Palm, Hard Rock Casino, and more for winning millions at blackjack. Again, this isn’t the part of Dana’s story you should apply to your own life.

Future ventures

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