Go 'Down the Hatch' with Barry Flavors and Bao by Kaya

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Ty Ning / ONE37pm

It’s Flavors Friday, and you know what that means. In this episode of Down the Hatch, the king himself is taking on Bao by Kaya. Located in Urbanspace on Lexington Ave, the popup counter serves a plethora of delicious buns, bubble teas and other Taiwanese treats. There are three buns up on the tasting table this week, which all go swiftly and satisfactorily “Down the Hatch.”

The first bun up on the Flavor Table is a Pork Belly Bao. Barry’s feelings about pork belly are well-documented, and he continues to elaborate on his complicated relationship with the tender cut in this episode. Following his quick consumption of the PBB (Pork Belly Bao), Flavors moves on to what he refers to as a “Tofu Bao,” which Kaya deems a “Buddha Bao.” He’s got some hot takes about tofu. To find out the specifics of the take, you’ll have to watch the video.

The episode concludes with a rhyming bun, the “Szechuan Cow Bao.” Like the bun’s Szechuan  sauce, Barry’s accompanying takes are spicy. Barry’s a well-known meat lover, so he certainly puts this bun under some extra scrutiny. Watch the video to find out what he thinks of these little beef slices atop a couple of little doughy pillows.

If you loved this episode and want to watch Barry indulge in more tasty treats, make sure to check out last week’s episode, when he took on some world-famous Italian Ices. 

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