A Holiday Gift Guide for the Entrepreneur in your Life

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Death to Stock

Here’s a scary thought: We’re almost into 2020. Here’s another: Thanksgiving just ended, and Christmas is less than a month away. Oy vey. Not to freak you out too much, but it’s crunch time. If you haven’t started your holiday shopping yet, we’ve about reached that moment between thinking there’s a ways to go and spiraling into a panic for being too last minute. It’s a very fine line.

You may already have some ideas for what to get your partner (and if you don’t, smh), but other people can be hard to shop for. Like your hustler friends who are making big entrepreneurial moves on the daily. They run a business, they’re pragmatic, they have little to no downtime and they enjoy the nice things in life. 

It should be pretty easy, right? Wrong.

Guys who are constantly buried in work—the founders and careerists of this world—don’t want to receive a standard gift. Nor would you want to be offering one to them. To avoid this potential faux pas, we put together a dope holiday gift guide to check all of those entrepreneurs off your list, whether it’s your brother, colleague, cousin or heck, even your dad. 

For the First-Timer

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Frank & Oak

A Clothing Subscription

Entrepreneurial chops does not a style maven make—with some exceptions. If your homie is killing it in business but can’t dress to save his life, improve upon his fashion sans harsh words with the gift of the Frank and Oak monthly clothing box. He’ll get four new pieces every month according to his preferences, and he won’t be able to fail at fits cause their threads are v cool.

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A Shave Kit Upgrade

It happens to the best of us: A busy calendar means less time for personal things, like finally replacing that shoddy shaving situation. Look no further than Harry's if you want to take your buddy from blade rags to riches. They offer a sleek, affordable razor with all the necessary accouterments.

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For the Conventional Seasoned Pro

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A Travel Kit

Assuming your boss pal travels a lot, it’s likely that consistently feeling situated is a challenge. Help him stay sorted with a luxe travel case that also encompasses necessary organization implements, aka a card compartment and Air Pods pouch. Only the best for while on the road.

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Neiman Marcus

A Power Fragrance

Every head honcho needs a signature scent, and it doesn’t get much stronger than Creed Aventus, a powerful masculine perfume. Nothing commands a room like it. Add a monogram to make it even more bespoke.

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For the Creative CEO

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The Sill

A Plant that Doesn't Die

Surrounding yourself with plant life is proven to make you happier and healthier, something busy guys should most definitely not be neglecting. But they don’t exactly have time to tend to greenery. Cult house plant retailer The Sill is solving for that by making faux verdure cool again—snag one of their newly released fake leafies for that forever-in-work-mode friend whose desk could use one.

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Urban Outfitters

A Charging Hub


Connectivity might periodically require a break, but the entrepreneur knows his devices are his lifelines. Hustlers don’t have time to mess around with multiple wires and such. Give the gift of charging and be appreciated forever.

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Best Made Co.

A Special Notebook

Founders and entrepreneurs have fertile minds, to say the least. Provide the vessel for those (sometimes) crazy ideas with some rad-looking notebooks that will inspire them as well as harbor them.

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For the Risk Taker

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A Monogrammed Money Clip

Because nothing manifests success like something to hold your Benjamins (or your Jacksons, depending on which league you play in), and your buddy will feel both special and rich when he receives this custom contraption.

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An Air Purifier

If he doesn’t get out much for fresh air, bring the fresh air to him. Someone who spends so much time in their office is bound to be affected by stuffy artificial airflow that moves around dust and pollutants. This mini air purifier is perfect for a small space (aka an office) and will instantly freshen things up and clear his thoughts.

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Mr. Porter

A Power Tumbler (With Whiskey)

Nothing says “achieving dynamo” like keeping a personal bougie tumbler and whiskey at your desk. He’ll promptly thank you, but only after wondering why he hadn’t done this before.

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