The Best F1 Movies and Documentaries You Can Watch Right Now

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In sports today, and really any entertainment, content is king. If you want to grow the popularity of a league or attract a younger/newer fanbase, you have to cultivate content and create a brand. The sport of racing has excelled at this, creating numerous documentaries

In sporting events that entail racing like the Tour de FranceNASCAR, and F1, the difference between first and the middle of the pack can come down to mere milliseconds. With such little margin for error, racers are required to optimize every little detail of their race strategy to ensure optimal performance.

Because of this tight margin, the ends of these races can be exceptionally exciting. Whether it's a close race or following the drama between races, there is always plenty of content in Formula 1. Here are the best F1 movies and documentaries you can watch right now.

1.) Drive To Survive


2.) Senna

Prime Video

3.) Schumacher


4.) Rush


5.) A Life of Speed: The Juan Manuel Fangio Story


6.) 1- Life On The Limit

Apple T.V.

7.) McLaren

Prime Video

8.) Graham Hill: Driven

Prime Video
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