Explaining the 'Fast X' Post-Credit Scene and Looking Ahead to the Sequel

We've got a few things to unpack here

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If you’ve already seen Fast X and didn’t leave as the credits were rolling, then you already know two things. One—the ending was left wide open and we don’t really know what happened to anybody, and two—a familiar face is back in the fold. If you were left confused, we've got you with an explanation of the Fast X post-credit scene and some predictions for the sequel.

You’ve got two more seconds before we spoil.

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The 'Fast X' Post-Credit Scene, Explained

Hobbs. In short, Dante, a new villain with old ties, is introduced to the series and he’s out to ruin Dominic Toreto’s life and family because Dom assisted in the killing of his father. If, however, you are a long-time follower of the Fast franchise, then you already know that while Dom may have put the steps in motion in the killing of Dante’s father, it was Hobbs that actually pulled the trigger, and the post-credit scene shows a phone interaction between the two with both essentially daring each other to a war.

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Now remember, the last time we saw Hobbs in the main Fast movies was in 2017’s The Fate of the Furious, which ended with Hobbs breaking out of prison for his role in taking an off-the-books job that essentially made him criminal, and we haven’t heard from him since as he opted for the quiet life. 

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Since that time period it seemed clear that The Rock would not be returning for any more Fast movies, until... now. 

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As for the rest of the gang—everyone is scattered (though we highly doubt everyone is dead). Dom and his son are in one place with Dante assuming he’s killed them. Roman, Tej, and Ramsey seemingly are the victims of a helicopter crash (but again we doubt they’re dead). And Letty is stuck in Antarctica with Cypher.

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Some Predictions for the Next Fast and Furious Sequel

So how does this pave the way for future films? Fast X is supposed to make the way for at least one more sequel, and clearly Hobbs is making a return. Dante is also still clearly going to be a major problem that haunts the Fast crew, and he will more than likely have to be killed to go away. Obviously that didn’t happen in this film, so there-in lies the follow-up. Now whatever this follow-up is called is currently confirmed to be the last film. So if everybody can come back and defeat this menace Dante, then that would pave the way for the Fast movies to come to an end.

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But we doubt it ends there. Time will tell though.

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