Top 10 Fastest Declining Trading Cards This Week

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Over the past few months, we’ve listed out the top 10 fastest growing sports cards on a week-to-week basis. One smart TikTok commenter suggested we look into the 10 fastest-declining cards of this week to get a look at the other side of the market. 

In order to qualify for this list, cards have to be in graded condition and hold a minimum value of $250. Interestingly enough, we have coverage from football, basketball, soccer, baseball, hockey, and even Pokemon on this list. Let’s dive in. 

1. Mac Jones 2021 Donruss Base #555 PSA 10 (-56.48%)


The New England Patriots seem to be doing what they always do — coming together late in the season and playing good football leading up to the playoffs. They’re currently the top seed in the AFC at 9–4 and are led by rookie quarterback Mac Jones. 

Jones’ population 215 PSA 10 Donruss base last sold on December 11th for $553, down from its previous sale of $632: 


Just a few weeks ago, the card sold for a record-high $3,050 and has sold 92 times since hitting the market in mid-October at an average price of $1,486. In November, there were just 23 copies of this card in a PSA 10. 

It’s pretty remarkable that a base Donruss Rated Rookie hit a $3,000 price point, but likely a combination of new supply hitting the market and ensuing product releases tampered demand. 

Despite the decline in price, Jones’ Rated Rookie sells for only $200 less than 1-time MVP and 1-time Super Bowl Champ Patrick Mahomes and his Donruss base Rated Rookie (with a population of 1,153). 

2. Fernando Tatis Jr. 2019 Topps Heritage #517 Chrome /999 PSA 10 (-49.68%)


Fernando Tatis Jr. suffered minor injuries in a recent accident, but the 22-year-old shortstop is one of the best young players in Major League Baseball. 

His 2019 Chrome Heritage is limited to just 999 copies and only 192 have been graded a PSA 10. A copy last sold for $354 on 12/8, down from a previous sale of $699: 


The card has been sold 63 times at an average price of $419.25 since February of 2020, hitting a high price of $810 in March of this year. The card sold as low as $185 this October, but has since rebounded and has grown 62.68% in value since the card originally hit the market. 

3. Sidney Crosby 2005 Upper Deck Young Guns #201 BGS 9.5 (-47.84%)


Sidney Crosby reportedly has been looking “sluggish” to start the NHL season but has been finding his groove as of late. Crosby is a former first overall pick (2005) and has lived up to the hype, helping the Pittsburgh Penguins to win 3 Stanley Cup Championships. 

Crosby’s Upper Deck Young Guns has 2,196 copies graded BGS 9.5 and last sold for $2,049 on 12/11: 


Just two days earlier, the card sold for a record high price of $3,928 before rocketing back down to $2,049. 

This card has been on the market and tracked since 2005 — it has sold 237 times at an average price of $1,180 and has a 355% rate of growth since it hit the market at $450. 

4. Christian Pulisic 2016 Donruss Holographic #224 PSA 10 (-47.37%)


Christian Pulisic may be making a move to leave Chelsea in the new year, due to the 23-year-old’s lack of playing time at his current club. He’s had an accomplished career so far, after being named the Footballer of the Year for the United States in 2017 and 2019, is a 1x Champion League Winner, and a 1x German Cup winner. Pulisic is also viewed as a star on the United States Men’s National Soccer team. 

Pulisic’s 2016 Donruss Debuts Holographic has just 131 copies graded PSA 10 and last sold for $500 on 12/10, a drop from the previous sale of $950 just a few days prior: 


Since 2017, this card has been sold 44 times at an average price of $812.16, hitting a high price of $2,051 in August of 2020. The most recent $500 sale is the card’s lowest tracked price since January of 2020. 

5. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. 2019 Topps Chrome #201 PSA 10 (-42.21%)

vlad 1

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is a 22-year-old first baseman coming off of a career season with 48 home runs, 111 RBIs, and a .311 batting average. Guerrero’s 2019 Topps Chrome PSA 10 pink refractor last sold for $285 on 12/8: 


Since 2019, the pop 679 card has sold 231 times at an average price of $278 and has grown 263% in value since hitting the market. In June, the card hit an all-time high price of $529.

6. Wayne Gretzky 1979 O-Pee-Chee Base #18 PSA 4 (-40.75%)


Wayne Gretzky is considered to be one of the best hockey players of all time and his 1979 O-Pee-Chee rookie card is tough to find in a high grade. The PSA 4 copy has a population of 1,209 copies and last sold for $1,625 on December 8th, down from a previous sale of $2,768 just 1 day earlier:


Since 2004, the card has grown 1,323% in value and has been sold 203 times at an average price of $1,350 with a high price of nearly $4,000 in January 2021. Back in 2004, this card could be had for $114. 

7. Anthony Davis 2012 Prizm Base #236 BGS 9.5 (-37.13%)


Anthony Davis is currently sidelined with an injury and the 1x NBA Champion is on a Lakers team that’s struggling at 14–13 but still has the 5th best odds to win an NBA Championship. 

Davis’ 2012 Prizm BGS 9.5 has 1,164 copies and has grown in value by 1,354% since hitting the market, but has been on a significant downtrend recently, with the last sale at $249.99 on 12/8: 


The card hit a high price of $1,800 in August of 2020 and has had some peaks and valleys, but the latest sale is its lowest since March of 2020. In the past year, the card has sold 230 times at an average price of $460 but has lost 76% of its value ($477.32) in that time period. 

8. Patrick Mahomes 2017 Optic Pink PSA 9 #177 (-33.41%)


The Kansas City Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes have struggled this season, but are currently first in the AFC West and are tied with the Patriots and Titans for the best record. The Chiefs currently have the 2nd best Super Bowl odds according to Vegas Insider. 

Without a doubt, Mahomes was the most explosive young NFL Quarterback in the hobby and his card prices reflected it. 

Mahomes’ 2017 Optic Pink PSA 9 has 402 copies and last sold for $632 on 12/8, down from a $949 sale just a few days earlier: 


Since April of 2019, this card has grown 710% in value, with 167 sales at an average price of $699 and a high price of $1,800. It once sold as low as $36. Despite Mahomes’ struggles and a retraction for some of his rookie card prices, the Pink Optic PSA 9 has grown 5.33% in value over the past year.

9. Charizard 2003 Pokemon Skyridge Reverse Holo #146 PSA 9 (-33.01%)


The 2003 Charizard Skyridge Reverse Holo has a population of 192 in a PSA 9 grade and last sold for $1,225 on 12/7, down from a $1,800 sale just 1 day earlier: 


In the past year, the card has been sold 12 times at an average price of $1,672, getting as high as $2,600. In that same time period, the card has lost 23.44% of its value ($375). The most recent sale is the lowest price the card has been sold for since June of 2020.

10. Kevin Durant 2007 Bowman Chrome Base /2999 #111 BGS 9 (-32.18%)


Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets are off to a hot start at 18–8 and currently have the best odds to win the 2022 NBA Finals according to Vegas Insider. 

Throughout his career, the 2007 2nd overall pick has averaged 27 points, 7.1 rebounds, and 4.1 assists per game. Durant has won two NBA championships, an NBA MVP, and four scoring titles. 

Durant’s 207 Bowman Chrome Base has a population of just 135 in a BGS 9 grade and lasts sold for $406 on 12/11, down from a $599 sale on 12/6: 


Since 2011, this card has been sold 40 times at an average price of $362 and a high price of $993, which sold this past March. Since 2011, the card has grown 890% in value. 

However, in the past year, the card has decreased by 21.57% in value ($111.73) and the most recent sale is its lowest since June. 

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