'Heart of Stone' Ending Explained: Could Gal Gadot Turn This Into a Part Two?

The actress is the star of the latest Netflx action film

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Gal Gadot's next mission is Netflix's Heart of Stone which is now currently available to stream on the platform. Action films are seemingly becoming the streaming channel's "thing" with recent titles like The Mother starring Jennifer Lopez, 2021's Red Notice (which also stars Gadot), and Chris Hemsworth's Extraction from 2020. Gadot's Heart of Stone is the newest title in that lineup, which sees the Wonder Woman starlet channeling her inner Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Cruise, and 2000s Angelina Jolie as she's on a mission to save the universe by capturing what's known in the film as "The Heart" (which we'll get to in a second). And if you left the movie with questions, don't worry, we'll be unpacking the 'Heart of Stone' ending explained.

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If you've finished watching the film, then you might be wondering about a little more about that ending. So let's jump in.

What is 'Heart of Stone' about?

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Heart of Stone sees Gadot starring as MI6 operative Rachel Stone working alongside MI6 leader Parker (Jamie Dornan) and the rest of the MI6 crew as they are combating with hacker who is attempting to take over their organization. It doesn't take long for us to learn that both Rachel and Parker are essentially double lives.Through the film, it's revealed that Rachel has been secretly working for a global peacekeeping org known as "The Charter," who's main goal is to retrieve a incredibly powerful AI device known as "The Heart."

Parker on the other hand is a mole/backstabber/double agent or whatever you want to call him who can't stand 'The Charter," and seems to have a primary objective of bringing the organization down. This leads us to the ending.

'Heart of Stone' Ending Explained

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Similar to other action thrillers of this nature, Heart of Stone winds up coming down to a battle between Rachel on behalf of The Charter, and Parker, well, not on behalf of The Charter organization he hates so much. "The Heart" is a very powerful device that has the ability to basically hold the fate of The Charter in its hands. Parker winds up in possession of "The Heart," and turns off the oxygen in the facility.

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Thus, a fight ensues between Rachel and Parker as they hit, kick, punch, and fight back and forth for possession of "The Heart," and Rachel winds up winning the battle as she shoots Parker dead before The Charter members die from no oxygen.

What are the critics saying?

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Initial reviews of Heart of Stone seem to be fairy positive with Deadline saying: "In what is looking like a fairly thin August for big Hollywood movies like this one, it might have been well suited for a significant box office run, especially considering the international appeal of its diverse cast, but as a streaming attraction a lot of the keenly designed and expertly developed stunts and action pieces, including a dazzling skydive in the midst of an exploding Hindenberg-like vehicle, just won’t have the same effect even as it offers some eye-popping late-summer fun.  I reviewed it in a theater, and that is what it belongs, but no question Gadot’s presence will mean something here. She brings a level of humanity that lifts the material."

The fact that is could have been in theaters (especially with the likes of Challengers now being delayed due to the on-going strike), is a positive.

The Hollywood Reporter also noted: "While it’s a few notches up from the Wonder Woman's star’s last action romp for the streamer, Red Notice, it feels only marginally less manufactured from the spare parts of other movies. But it gets the job done and is sure to pull solid numbers. It doesn’t hurt that Gadot has appealing chemistry with co-star Jamie Dornan.

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Will 'Heart of Stone' have a sequel?

While there's no confirmation of a Heart of Stone sequel just yet, a follow-up storyline can definitely be explored in terms of "The Heart," or they can choose to take it down a different route completely much in the way they've done with Mission Impossible over the years (though events of the past are starting to tie together). We'd say the door is definitely open for a Heart of Stone sequel in that regard.

Heart of Stone is available to stream on Netflix now.

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