The 65 Best Gifts For 'Star Wars' Fans in 2023 for the Jedi Lovers

The best gifts on Amazon, LEGO sets, accessories and more.

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With the holiday season finally here, it’s time to gift-give once again. Whether you're buying a gift for a best friend, a girlfriend, or a boyfriend, we've got you covered. Maybe the wrestling fan in your life needs a gift? Being thoughtful and getting someone what they really want is tougher than it looks, so we’re here to help. For the fan of a galaxy far, far away in your life – because there’s bound to be at least one – we’ve compiled a list of the 65 best gifts for Star Wars fans you can buy this season.

We’ve taken into account varying budgets and varying ages, so you should find something that’s right for you. With options from Amazon, Disney, LEGO, and more, we've got you. We've broken the list down into gear, clothing, toys, figures, and more so you can find the right fit.

If you're looking for some non-Star Wars gifts for teenagers, click here.

1. R2-D2 Interactive RC Droid


Every Star Wars Fan’s Best Friend

  • Genre: Toys

This surprisingly life-like version of everyone’s favorite Droid is interactive and comes with authentic lights and sound effects.

Shop now at shop Disney, $89.99

2. C-3PO Pewter Figurine


You’re Not Going To Regret This

  • Genre: Figures

Limited to 5,000 and individually numbered, this C-3PO figure is the kind of gift that even C-3PO, who struggles to understand human behavior, would appreciate.

Shop now at shopDisney, $650

3. LEGO Star Wars 2023 Advent Calendar

lego star wars advent calendar

Warning: Not Edible

  • Genre: Toys

Includes characters, vehicles and accessories.

Shop now at LEGO, $40.49

4. Premium Electronic Darth Vader Helmet

darth vader elecronic helmet

Join The Dark Side

  • Genre: Figures

You don’t even have to be a complete Star Wars nerd to appreciate the detail and care that went into this.

Shop now at Hasbro, $131.99

5. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

star wars jedi survivor

The Safest Way To Really Feel Like A Jedi

  • Genre: Games

The latest game in the Star Wars series sees you play as Cal Kestis as you take on the Galactic Empire.

Shop now at Amazon, $54.50

6. R2-D2 Tamagotchi

r2d2 tamagotchi

Keep Him Beep-Booping

  • Genre: Toys

There are 19 skills for R2-D2 to learn here and 7 mini-games for you to unlock. Keep him happy so that the Jawas don’t take him away.

Shop now at Amazon, $13.99

7. Master Yoda Force Bookened

yoda bookend

May The Force Be With All Readers

  • Genre: Decor

A cool but simple trick that everyone can appreciate.

Shop now at Amazon, $19.99

8. Luke Skywalker Funko Pop!

luke skywalker funko pop

For The Collectors

  • Genre: Figures

The only downside to this is that your giftee might feel the need to continue the collection afterwards because once you Funko Pop!, you can’t stop.

Shop now at Amazon, $8.39

9. Children’s Mandalorian Smart Watch

mandalorian smart watch

Tell Time In Style

  • Genre: Tech

This is the kind of gift that every young Star Wars fan dreams of and can take with them anywhere.

Shop now at Macy's, $36.99

10. Star Wars Spice Grinder

star wars spice grinder

The High Republic

  • Genre: Tech

So you can grind your herbs with the force behind you.

Shop now at Amazon, $15.99

11. Monopoly: Star Wars Complete Saga Edition

star wars monopoly

Buy Up Planets From All 3 Trilogies

  • Genre: Games

Chances are that an avid Star Wars fan has been gifted a few of these over the years, so check in first.

Shop now at Amazon, $39.76

12. Jedi Drawstring Backpack

jedi backpack
Heroes & Villains

May All Your Belongings Be With You

  • Genre: Gear

This comes with more pockets and compartments than you’ll likely ever need.

Shop now at Heroes & Villains, $85

13. Ahsoka Tie-Dye T-Shirt

ahsoka tie dye tee
Heroes & Villains

Wear Her On Your Chest

  • Genre: Clothing

This tie-dye tee is officially licensed and reps the latest fan favorite in the Star Wars universe.

Shop now at Heroes & Villains, $32

14. Darth Vader Ice Molds

darth vader ice molds
Williams Sonoma

So You Too Can Feel Cold Around Darth Vader

  • Genre: Gear

Made from BPA-free silicone, this set of ice molds is literally a cool gift that anyone can appreciate.

Shop now at Williams Sonoma, $24.95

15. Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener

millennium falcon bottle opender

Best Bottle Opener

  • Genre: Gear

The Millennium Falcon’s never had better use in this galaxy than helping you crack open a cold one.

Shop now at Amazon, $4.95

16. Star Wars Pyjamas

star wars pyjamas

Soon You Will Rest

  • Genre: Clothing

This cozy set of Star Wars pyjamas is a great way to rep your favorite franchise even while you sleep.

Shop now at Amazon, $34.20

17. LEGO Millennium Falcon

lego millennium falcon

The Holy Grail Of Star Wars Gifts

  • Genre: Toys

This is the most expensive set that LEGO sells and is a grail to both LEGO collectors and Star Wars fans.

Shop now at LEGO, $849.99


kylo ren lightsaber

Three Laser Swords For The Price Of One

  • Genre: Toys

Every kid deserves to swing around a lightsaber and pretend to be their favorite Star Wars character and you can make that dream come true.

Shop now at shopDisney, $30

19. Star Wars: The Ultimate Cookbook

star wars ultimate cookbook

May A Fork Be With You

  • Genre: Books

This is a cookbook filled with dishes inspired by Star Wars comics, movies, shows, attractions and more.

Shop now at Amazon, $33.49

20. Star Wars: A New Hope Vinyl Boxset

star wars vinyl
Disney Music Emporium

Celebrating 40 Years

  • Genre: Music

This 3-LP collector’s edition celebrates 40 years since the first Star Wars movie and comes with a 48-page hard cover book.

Shop now at Disney Music Emporium, $100

21. Grogu Mummy Plush

grogu plush

Scary, Cute, Or Scarily Cute?

  • Genre: Toys

Despite being a mummy, this Grogu plush makes him look especially cute and cuddly.

Shop now at Target, $15.99

22. Star Wars Clogs

Screenshot 2023 11 21 at 09.28.17

Feel Like Chewbacca From The Ankle Down

  • Genre: Clothing

The new fuzzy lining of these makes them perfect to wear in the cold, inside or outside.

Shop now at Crocs, $69.99

23. Mini Ewok Waffle Maker

mini ewok waffle maker

Endor A Sweet Breakfast

  • Genre: Tech

A nice way to make waffle-making even more fun. This comes with non-stick, wipe-clean waffle plates.

Shop now at Amazon, $27.99

24. Star Wars Heat Reveal Mug

star wars heat reveal mug

The Coffee Is Strong With This One

  • Genre: Gear

This mug reveals a great design only once hot liquid has been poured into it. It holds 20 fluid ounces.

Shop now at Amazon, $13.89

25. Stormtrooper Head Cufflinks

star wars cufflinks

Add Some Fun To Formal Occasions

  • Genre: Accessories

These cufflinks come with an exclusive Star Wars gift box, wrapped and ready to go.

Shop now at Jewlr, $81

26. Death Star Orbitkey Key Organizer

deah star orbitkey

Make Your Car Feel Like A Space Station

  • Genre: Gear

Carries 2-7 keys and comes with a unique collectible character card.

Shop now at Orbitkey, $33.67

27. UNO Star Wars

star wars uno

A Classic With A Twist

  • Genre: Games

All cards have Star Wars art and this deck comes with an exclusive The Force card.

Shop now at Amazon, $5.99

28. Native Jefferson Star Wars Print Shoes

star wars native shoes

Will Keep Delicate Toes Away From Anguish & Misery

  • Genre: Clothing

This Native Shows x Zappos collaboration is like wearing a piece of art on your feet.

Shop now at Zappos, $26

29. Boba Fett Christmas Sweater

star wars christmas sweater

The Star Wars Holiday Special. But Good

  • Genre: Clothing

This ugly Christmas sweater with Boba Fett on is sure to get a compliment this holiday season.

Shop now at Amazon, $49.99

30. Disney+ Gift Card

disneyplus gift card

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

  • Genre: Gear

What better way to appease the Star Wars fan in your life than letting them stream their favorite shows and movies on your dime?

Shop now at Target, $25

31. Boba Fett EE-3 Blaster Nerf Gun

boba fett nerf gun
Hasbro Pulse

Hunt Bounties The Family Friendly Way

  • Genre: Toys

This limited-edition Nerf Gun comes with 12 darts that can be split evenly across the 3 drums.

Shop now at Hasbro Pulse, $109.99

32. Lightsaber Chopsticks

lightsaber chopsticks

If Darth Maul Got Takeaway

  • Genre: Gear

Pull out these lightsaber chopsticks at dinner and it’s bound to be a conversation starter, at least.

Shop now at Amazon, $10.97

33. Darth Vader Slippers

star wars slippers

Don’t Join The Dark Side, But Let It Keep You Warm

  • Genre: Clothing

100% polyester and will keep you so warm and comfortable that you think about joining the Dark Side.

Shop now at Amazon, $24.95

34. Star Wars Wrapping Paper

star wars wrapping paper

Yes, You Still Have To Wrap Them

  • Genre: Gear

Give these as a gift or get bonus points if you wrap up another gift in them.

Shop now at Amazon, $11.89

35. Star Wars Socks

star wars socks

Comfortable But Stylish

  • Genre: Clothing

98% polyester and 2% spandex, this set of five Star Wars socks is a great gift for any fan to remember you by.

Shop now at Amazon, $10.79

36. Star Wars Tumbler

star wars tumbler

Keep Liquids Hot Or Cold In Style

  • Genre: Gear

These are made from 18/8 stainless steel, have premium copper-coated insulation and are very durable.

Shop now at Amazon, $26.99

37. Tatooine Candle

tatooine candle

With Notes Of Manak Leaves

  • Genre: Decor

Hopefully it’s not a scent that’s too familiar to your giftee, but one they can appreciate anyway.

Shop now at Homesick, $33

38. Luke Skywalker Collectors Glass

luke skywalker collectors glass
Lolly Gag

Great To Use Or Have As An Art Piece

  • Genre: Gear

A glass with art so detailed that anyone can get it. This is a great one to either use for its intended purpose or put up with other memorabilia.

Shop now at Lolly Gag, $34

39. Star Wars Logo Light

star wars logo light

Join The Light Side

  • Genre: Decor

This Star Wars light is a great gift that could be the centerpiece to someone’s Star Wars shrine.

Shop now at Amazon, $23.99

40. The Rebellion Rug

star wars rug

Welcome The Rebel Alliance To Your Home

  • Genre: Decor

This high-quality rug is both thick and soft and would make a great addition to anyone’s room. It would go particularly well in a Star Wars fan’s game room.

Shop now at Ruggable, $109

41. Star Wars Baseball Cap

Screenshot 2023 11 21 at 10.09.05

A Captivating Gift

  • Genre: Clothing

This hat celebrates the film that kicked this iconic series off with some of the fan favorite characters.

Shop now at shopDisney, $29.99

42. Star Wars Character Encyclopedia

star wars encyclopaedia

Perfect For Fans Both New & Old

  • Genre: Books

This is the guide to hundreds of Star Wars characters, even including recent additions from the second Mandalorian season.

Shop now at Amazon, $11.59

43. Death Star Popcorn Maker

death star popcorn maker
Best Buy

Enough Power To Destroy A Diet

  • Genre: Tech

Get this for a Star Wars fan and they’ll never watch one of the movies without popcorn again.

Shop now at Best Buy, $59.99

44. Star Wars Jibbitz

star wars jibbiytz

Spice Up Your Look With These

  • Genre: Accessories

Make your Crocs uniquely yours by putting some Star Wars Jibbitz on them.

Shop now at Amazon, $16.19

45. Sabacc


A Star Wars Version Of Blackjack Or Poker

  • Genre: Games

This is an in-universe game that Han Solo and Lando Calrissian were playing in the original Star Wars movie.

Shop now at Amazon, $25.30

46. Darth Vader Christmas Throw Blanket

star wars throw blanket
Hot Topic

Keep Warm & Festive With Darth Vader

  • Genre: Gear

Keep your loved ones warm and cozy this Christmas with this festive Darth Vader blanket.

Shop now at Hot Topic, $49.90

47. Mustafar Displate

mustafar displate

Immortalize The Iconic Moment Forever

  • Genre: Decor

The iconic battle on Mustafar between Obi-Wan and Anakin can live in your bedroom forever with this easy-to-use Displate.

Shop now at Displate, $49

48. Ahsoka Tano Enso Ring

ahsoka silicone ring
Enso Rings

These Silicone Rings Put Comfort First

  • Genre: Accessories

This silicone ring has a pearl top and a sapphire base.

Shop now at Enso Rings, $33.74

49. The Empire Strikes Back iPhone Case

the empire striks back case

Best Phone Case

  • Genre: Accessories

This case not only protects your phone well, but has a great design that’ll catch eyes.

Shop now a CASETiFY, $68

50. Star Wars AirPods Pro Case

star wars airpods case

Best AirPods Case

  • Genre: Accessories

A simple, clean design for your AirPods Pro case.

Shop now at CASETiFY, $38

51. Death Star Perpetual Calendar

death star perpetual calendar

May The 4th Be With You

  • Genre: Gear

This calendar can either be updated daily by you, or feature a significant day with the Darth Vader quote that makes sense.

Shop now at Walmart, $43.99

52. Star Wars Digital Pinball Machine

star wars pinball machine

The Ultimate Star Wars Gamer Gift

  • Genre: Games

If your giftee has their own personal space like a games room and you can shell out the cash for this pinball machine, it’s a great idea.

Shop now at Walmart, $749.99

53. Star Wars Sticker Pack

star wars sticker

Personalize Anything

  • Genre: Accessories

This pack of 100 Star Wars stickers should light up any Star Wars fan’s day.

Shop now at Amazon, $4.99

54. Chewbacca Mask

chewbacca mask

Everyone Needs A Friend Like Chewbacca

  • Genre: Toys

This mask makes Chewbacca noises too, so what’s not to love?

Shop now at Amazon, $19.99

55. Star Wars: Secrets Of The Galaxy Deluxe Box Set

star wars secrets of the galaxy

Learn The Ways Of The Jedi

  • Genre: Books

This box set of guides is annotated by characters and deepens the mythology and lore of the Star Wars universe.

Shop now at Amazon, $56.99

56. Original Luke Skywalker Lightsaber Replica

luke skywalker replica lightsaber
NEO Sabers

The Gift Of All Gifts

  • Genre: Tech

This is what every Star Wars fan either has, or wants. This replica of Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber boasts a dozen color options and even has bluetooth support.

Shop now at NEO Sabers, $229

57. The Empire Strikes Back Stein & Coaster Set

star wars coaster stein set
Heroes & Villains

Drink To The Fan Favorite Star Wars Movie

  • Genre: Gear

This stein and pair of coasters are a great addition to any home. The stein features the opening crawl from The Empire Strikes Back.

Shop now at Heroes & Villains, $19.60

58. Sith Lord Lanyard

star wars lanyard
Heroes & Villains

Simple But Thoughtful

  • Genre: Accessories

With this Sith Lord lanyard, your friend can customise something like their work badge and add a bit of personality to it.

Shop now at Heroes & Villains, $4

59. Jedi Bomber Jacket

jedi jacket
Heroes & Villains

Best Jacket

  • Genre: Clothing

The embroidered emblem on the chest is subtle, but the embroidered design on the back is stylish.

Shop now at Heroes & Villains, $125

60. LEGO TIE Bomber

lego tie fighter

Bring The Starfighter To Your Bedroom

  • Genre: Toys

625 pieces and drops torpedoes.

Shop now at LEGO, $64.99

61. Star Wars Rebel Classic Poster T-Shirt

star wars rebel classic tee
Hot Topic

Best T-Shirt

  • Genre: Clothing

Featuring Darth Vader, Stormtroopers and AT-AT walkers, this t-shirt has a vintage feel.

Shop now at Hot Topic, $23.90

62. Darth Vader 3D Optical Illusion Lamp

darth vader 3d lamp
3D Optical Lamp

Like Knowledge, This Lamp Lights Your Way

  • Genre: Decor

This lamp will have everyone looking twice because they’ll think their eyes deceive them. Can change from 7 different colors.

Shop now at 3D Optical Lamp, $29.99

63. Future Jedi Baby Bodysuit

star wars baby bodysuit

Raise A Padawan

  • Genre: Clothing

This is tag-less so that it doesn’t irritate the baby and the cotton is soft and breathable.

Shop now at Amazon, $16.99

64. The Mandalorian Twin Suns Bath Bomb

mandalorian bath bomb

The Power Of The Sun In Your Bath

  • Genre: Gear

This bath bomb has a tangerine scent and is handmade with a few key ingredients.

Shop now at Amazon, $8

65. Death Star Cheese Board & Tools Set

death star cheese set

Slice Up Some Boba Feta

  • Genre: Gear

This set comes with a cleaver, a planer, a fork-tipped knife and a spreader.

Shop now at Walmart, $33.99
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