10 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes Inspired by 2019 Pop Culture Moments

We all can’t be Joker

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Lil Nas X

As Halloween quickly approaches, preparing a costume can feel very rushed and stressful. Maybe there isn’t enough time to order that red devil outfit you saw online or maybe the cost of buying a soldier getup from a novelty shop is too pricey. Settling on a Halloween costume shouldn’t have to be a tedious or expensive task. There are plenty of costumes you can throw together with the clothes in your closet and a quick trip to a thrift store. Here are ten simple costume ideas from 2019 pop culture. 

1. Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus // ‘Old Town Road’

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Yee-haw culture was on the rise in 2019 as Texan vintage style grew more popular and different music genres mixed with country. Your costume will be one of a kind if you go as Lil Nas X or Billy Ray Cyrus from the “Old Town Road” music video. Just like the catchy internet-loved song, your look will be a hot topic at any event. Just grab a pair of cowboy boots, a ranger hat, dark-washed jeans and a Western fringe jacket from your local thrift shop. Add a large-buckle leather belt to complete the fit. 

2. Ashley O. // ‘Black Mirror’

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You can still dress up as a Miley Cyrus character this, but we’re not talking about Hannah Montana. Ashley O. is a pop star idol in Netflix’s Black Mirror, and her look is pretty easy to master. All you need is a neon lilac wig, a white crop top and silver shorts.  

3. The Tethered // ‘Us’

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Us was the talk of the town for weeks after it hit the big screen in March. Being a tethered person from the movie is a simple yet haunting costume that everyone will love. You can even pair the look with a friend to really heighten your look as a tethered twin. All you’ll need is a red jumpsuit, brown glove and a pair of scissors, preferably non-sharp ones that kids use at school, so you don’t accidentally stab anyone.

4. Cult members // ‘Midsommar’

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While Midsommar was an extremely freaky movie, the cinematography and wardrobe were beautifully picturesque. Members of the cult wore flower crowns and long white flowy dresses and suits. Wear your hair in braids to complete the look. 

5. The Joker // ‘Joker’

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It’s a no-brainer that Joker will be a popular Halloween costume this year because of the new Joker movie. Super easy to mimic, this chilling look is mastered with face paint and a red suit to pull it altogether. Don’t forget to throw some temporary green hair dye on your roots to really display true Joker vibes.

6. Hannah B. // ‘The Bachelorette’

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Hannah B. is the perfect person to be on Halloween if you’re looking for a quick glam look to put together. Style your hair with soft waves, dazzle your ears with a pair of long earrings and throw on a long shimmery gown to complete the look. If you have time to shop, add a crown, rose and sash to perfect your costume.

7. Any student // ‘Derry Girls’

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You’ll have no problem mimicking the green and blue plaid uniform of the students from Derry Girls. Drop by your local thrift store and grab a green blazer, green sweater vest and plaid skirt to become one of the Irish students on the show. You’ll also need a pair of long black socks and black shoes.

8. Ramona // ‘Hustlers’

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Ramona served looks in every scene of Hustlers, making her an obvious choice for a Halloween costume. Famous for wearing oversized furry coats, tight short dresses and stilettos, Ramona is definitely worth dressing as if you want to make a statement. Throw on a pair of big shades and gold jewelry to complete the look. 

9. Joe // ‘YOU’

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This is probably the easiest look to imitate as Joe’s style on YOU is very low-key and minimal. Throw on a plain solid tee and a pair of jeans. Don’t forget your baseball cap to keep your identity from being recognized by Beck. 

10. Jules // ‘Euphoria’

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We’ve seen Euphoria-inspired makeup all over the Internet since the show debuted in June. With all the hype surrounding the HBO TV series, why not dress as one of the most stylish characters this Halloween? Jules is a big fan of bold and bright colors. Her style on the show is very school-girl-meets-babydoll, with short skirts and jumpers paired with clunky shoes and fitted crop tops. Then, throw some glitter on your face and color in your hair. 

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