It's Spooky Season: Here Are the 15 Scariest Halloween Monsters in Film and TV

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So a Xenomorph and a killer clown walk into a bar.

I actually have no idea how I was going to finish that sentence, but I do know that if a Xenomorph and a killer clown did walk into a bar, I'd place a pretty hefty bet on the fact that the Xenomorph would most likely order a White Claw—tangerine, maybe—and the clown would go for a double scotch, neat.

While their drink orders might humanize these creatures just a little bit, there's no glossing over how genuinely terrifying these Halloween monsters truly are.

1. The Alien/Xenomorph ('Alien')

While I have to admit that the baby alien that first pops out of Officer Kane's chest is actually kind of cute, what it transforms into is a completely different conversation. Not only does the Xenomorph drip drool out of its mouth like a hose left running, but it has two fanged mouths that it uses to rip apart practically everyone on board the Nostromo.

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2. Twisty the Clown ('American Horror Story: Freak Show')

This godforsaken clown gave me nightmares for WEEKS as I trucked through American Horror Story: Freak Show.

A particularly stabby clown, Twisty might sound like an adorable name, but his actions proved to be quite the opposite as if it weren't already painfully obvious from a single glimpse of his makeup. Given the fact that killer clowns are always a classic, there's no denying that this is one of the creepiest Halloween monsters around.

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3. The Creatures/Death Angels ('A Quiet Place')

I honestly don't know which is more frightening: the quietness that surrounds these monsters or the creatures themselves.

Very reminiscent of our good 'ole demogorgons from Stranger Things, the creatures in A Quiet Place are somehow far more sinister than those of the latter, as they blindly stalk their prey, relying entirely on hearing to locate their next kill.

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4. The White Walkers ('Game of Thrones')

While their overall attitude is pretty smug, let's not forget that these human-esque, icy zombies are pretty frightening just by themselves—and I mean that literally. While a horde of White Walkers might seem more outwardly menacing, the scenes in Game of Thrones that featured a single, lone White Walker were always the ones somehow more terrifying.

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5. Predator ('Predator')

Ah, yes, it's the robotic alien-humanoid creature that spawned one of the largest franchises of all time: Predator. While the Predator might appear a bit softer as compared to his contemporary, the Alien, don't be fooled: having hair doesn't make him any less aggressive—even Arnold Schwarzenegger was freaked out by the Predator. Given all that, this creature has definitely earned its spot among the most terrifying Halloween monsters.

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6. The Infected ('28 Days Later')

Nothing screams October like a good 'ole pack of zombies sprinting directly at you, and the infected from 28 Days Later are certainly no exception. While these things aren't technically zombies they are rough and relentless—just like the undead. Given our almost three-year bout with a worldwide pandemic, I think it's safe to say that we want nothing to do with these things. As classic as zombies are, they're well-deserving of being on a list of the greatest Halloween monsters ever.

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7. Pennywise ('It')

Sure, the OG Pennywise in the first film adaptation of Stephen King's eponymous novel was freaky, but Bill Skarsgård's portrayal of the infamous clown really cranks things up to an entirely new level of terrifying. Because there's nothing like a seemingly eight-foot-tall clown chasing around a bunch of tweens in a haunted house. While Twisty from American Horror Story is certainly another valid killer clown, Pennywise is one of the scariest—and most iconic—Halloween monsters we've ever seen.

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8. The Man With the Fire in His Face ('Insidious')

Is that Darth Maul? Or is it—yep, that's The Man With the Fire in His Face, because every good villain needs an absurdly long name that could also double as a nursery rhyme.

Also known as the Lipstick-Face Demon, this creature is only one of the many supernatural creatures and events that the Lambert family experiences, though I'd say that this one was by far the most jarring.

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9. Him ('The Powerpuff Girls')

While it's normally a bit easier not to be totally frightened by an animated monster, this one definitely toes the line. Him appears many times throughout the course of The Powerpuff Girls, though each time the creature arrives, its terrifying, demonic gaze doesn't get any softer.

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10. Horde of Birds ('The Birds')

Okay, maybe a horde of aggressive birds isn't as grotesquely terrifying as Pennywise, but just think about it for a second: people get up in arms about a few pesky seagulls at the beach. Now picture hundreds of crows aggressively swooping down and pecking at your skull—and not in the funny, Schitt's Creek sort of way, because Moira isn't going to be there to save you this time.

Given the crows' natural association with the holiday, they've earned their place among the greatest Halloween monsters.

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11. The Blob ('The Blob')

While The Blob (1958) is usually preferable to the 1988 remake, this iteration actually features a much more frightening Blob, as the first really just resembled a massive Fruit Gusher. This 1988 Blob is going to drag you into a sewer and murder you, wander throughout a hospital to find a little human snack, and explore a local diner because it's still pretty hangry.

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12. The Mutant Bear ('Annihilation')

While Annihilation features quite a few different terrifying creatures, the mutant bear has got to be the freakiest of the bunch. Between the creepy, quiet way it saunters around the cabin and its overall frightening shape and skull, there's no getting around the fact that this thing is absolutely terrifying.

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13. The Krampus ('Krampus')

Nothing screams Christmas like a half-demon, half-goat creature taking its anger out on the local children for their various petty actions throughout the year. Listen, I'm usually all for people getting their comeuppance, but there's something about a massive, hulking, horned creature murdered swathes of children that just doesn't sit right with me.

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14. The Pale Lady ('Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark')

I think this one's pretty self-explanatory.

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15. Unidentified Creature ('Courage the Cowardly Dog')

Widely regarded as one of the most disturbing creatures in all of Courage the Cowardly Dog (of which there are many), this thing—whatever it is—only utters three words, yet was still able to burn its memory into my brain. All it took was a blue, clay-like, giant-headed fetus saying "you're not perfect" and I was out of there.

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