How Future Created the Song "March Madness"

The track has become a sports anthem

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Where were you when Future dropped March Madness in 2015? I was at a club with my friends, Mansion Elan in Atlanta to be exact, which is a place that Future has frequented in the past for spontaneous performances/appearances, and experienced what just may be the only time in my life that I will ever be able to say I heard a song for the first time in the club. Of course premiering “new joints” in the club was something that was more commonplace back in the day, but with the rise of social media and its various different apps, the odds of a song being heard for the first time is few and far between nowadays.

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In 2015, however, we were still kind in the middle of things being “old school” and “new school,” so lots of people heard “March Madness” for the first time that summer night, and it was one of the moments where everyone stopped.

It didn’t take long for “March Madness” to become the theme song amongst many schools and collegiate basketball teams because, well, why not? A song like “March Madness” has no other choice to become the tournament anthem and nearly eight years later, it very much remains a tournament anthem because that’s exactly what Future intended it to be. As we kick off the First Four tonight, we thought it would be fun to revisit how Future created the anthem of March Madness, and how the track remains an influential part of sports today.

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March Madness History

Impact of March Madness on College Basketball

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We’re willing to bet money that at some point during this tournament you will hear “March Madness” being played right before the commercial, during the highlights, or even in the background during shootarounds as is the case every year, but to give you an example of just how influential the song was during 2016, we’ve included a couple of mixes/edits that were made during that time.

And while we most commonly associate the song with basketball, it’s worth noting that the track itself has made its way to other sports. 

It’s time for the madness to begin, and with each team facing a win or go home scenario in every single game, it might be good luck to play “March Madness” before each game. We hear it works wonders.

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