Preparing Your Car for Summer? Safelite Is Here to Help

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Picture this: You’re all packed up and ready to go for your summer road trip. You load everything into the car only to notice that crack in the windshield that you forgot was even there. You can avoid facing the hassle of that crack spreading and causing a serious vacation headache by taking a few key steps before hitting the road.

With the warmest season upon us, we figured now was a good time to share some special auto glass maintenance planning and safety tips that’ll help ensure your car is in tip-top shape for all your traveling plans—courtesy of the team over at Safelite®.

America’s largest vehicle glass specialist makes getting ready for a summer of driving easy and free from stress. What started as a humble single shop in Wichita, Kansas back in 1947 has ballooned into the only auto glass repair, replacement and recalibration service provider with locations in all 50 states. Wherever you are, you can go to a Safelite location, or even have one of their technicians come directly to you, making it easier than ever to hit the road without a worry in the world.

The Importance of Windshield Glass Repair

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You might think that a crack in your windshield is no big deal. But actually, any damage to your windshield can impact the integrity of the glass and inhibit your safety as a driver.

Thankfully, Safelite can replace your windshield with their state-of-the-art services. Once your windshield is replaced, you’ll need to take care of another especially important safety component: recalibration.

What's Recalibration?

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Any vehicle with advanced safety systems—like lane keep assist, forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking—has a forward-facing camera connected to the front windshield. Vehicle manufacturers require that this camera be recalibrated anytime the windshield is replaced, to ensure that it continues to operate with precision and keep you safe on the road.

Depending on the make and model of your car, you will need either a dynamic or static recalibration. Dynamic requires the technician to drive your vehicle at a set speed on well-marked roads while resetting the camera's sensors. During static recalibration, the vehicle is parked in a Safelite location facing a special target image mounted to a wall.

Some vehicles require both types of recalibration. A trained Safelite technician can often complete the recalibration process at the same time as your windshield replacement, offering you both convenience and maximum safety.

Keep Your New Glass Clean


Once you've got that shiny new glass, you'll want to keep it clean using Safelite's trusted glass cleaner. Keeping your auto glass clean allows you to not only see the road clearly, which helps you avoid hazards, but also ensures that you'll see any small cracks well before they have a chance to spread.

Upgrade Your Wiper Blades

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A vital part of any windshield is the wipers. Experts recommend replacing your wiper blades about every six months, as well as after a windshield repair or replacement. This is because running wipers over damaged glass can damage the wiper blades—resulting in streaking and smearing that can jeopardize your safety. Your Safelite technician can easily take care of getting them switched out for you.

Safelite is committed to keeping you safe on the road by keeping your windshield damage free and your advanced safety systems working properly. Make sure your vehicle is ready for a successful summer road trip and book your appointment with Safelite!