'I Am Groot': Review, Episode Rankings, Watch Order, and More

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I am Groot.

For those of you who don't speak Groot's language, I just explained the entirety of this new series in three words.

Basically, I Am Groot is a five-episode collection of animated shorts; each runs for about three minutes, all featuring the beloved and most adorable member of the Guardians of the Galaxy: Groot.

A little toddler trying to make his way out of the pot he's currently housed in, once Groot takes those first few steps, his entire world opens up, and we get to watch him explore in these five animated shorts.

'I Am Groot' Review

'I Am Groot' Episodes, Ranked

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5. "Groot's Pursuit"

Being that Groot's finally hurtling through space, this short had some high expectations, though when a carbon copy of Groot constructed of rainbow goo started dancing, it lost me.

4. "The Little Guy"

Okay, this short left me feeling lowkey heartbroken for a bunch of microscopic, adorable blue bugs, and because of that, this one simply cannot be ranked higher.

3. "Groot's First Steps"

It's a short about Groot taking his first steps out of the pot that he's called home for so long. It's cute—that's it.

2. "Groot Takes a Bath"

Not only does this short feature Groot lounging in a mud puddle, but we also get to meet a majestic, slightly-annoyed rainbow bird who's not too pleased with Groot's antics.

1. "Magnum Opus"

Simply for the ending alone, "Magnum Opus" has got to be the best out of the bunch. Oh, and we get a little Rocket cameo out of the short, too.

'I Am Groot' Watch Order

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Listen, I'm not sure if this is a system glitch on Disney+'s side, but each three-minute short of I Am Groot is broken up into five separate shorts to watch instead of being found easily under one umbrella show, which doesn't make the specific order to watch it in super obvious. While the order ultimately doesn't matter, this is the natural order to watch the series:

  1. "Groot's First Steps"
  2. "The Little Guy"
  3. "Groot's Pursuit"
  4. "Groot Takes a Bath"
  5. "Magnum Opus"

Who Plays Groot?

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Sure, Groot might only use the same three words over and over again, but the man behind those words is none other than Vin Diesel. He's been voicing Groot since the very first Guardians of the Galaxy movie back in 2014, appearing not only in the Guardians films but also in every Marvel movie that features the character.

On top of that, we also get to hear Groot's best buddy, Rocket, in the fifth animated short, "Magnum Opus," voiced by Bradley Cooper.

I Am Groot is currently streaming on Disney+.

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