Is the Ice Spice x Starbucks Drink Real?

As the originators of the collab, we've got some bad news to share.

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In a world inundated with insane collaborations from a vairety of different contributors, it really seems like any partnership could come to furition. From the Cardi B x McDonald's meal to the Cactus Plant Flea Market Happy Meal toys, the sky is the limit. You may have seen a similarly out-there-but-plausible collaboration come across your feed recently: the Starbucks x Ice Spice collab. As the originators of the concept, we're here to break the bad news. It isn't real. But it should be.

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Why do brand collabs matter?

The Starbucks x Ice Spice Collab

So is the Starbucks Ice Spice collab real? For now, the answer is no. But anything could happen.

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