A Look at Card Talk Live 2: Introducing the eBay Vault

On Friday July 29, 2022 at Tennessee Avenue Beer Hall in Atlantic City—just minutes from the 42nd National Sports Collectors Convention—ONE37pm and eBay teamed up for the live event of the week: Introducing the eBay vault in style.

The event included everything from exciting hobby panels and party exclusive swag to a live music performance from Fresco Trey. Vibes were immaculate and everyone was smiling, including top collectors and sellers in the hobby. Here are some of the evening’s highlights.

1. Custom Cards from DJ Skee and Fresco Trey

Jason Koeppel/ONE37pm

Doors opened at 5:30 p.m. and VIP guests were welcomed with a swag bag that included seven event exclusive cards—two of which were the final in the highly sought after 2022 DJ Skee + eBay collaboration. Skee was in the house happily greeting and signing his cards. 

The bag also included a Fresco Trey rookie card with a foiled illustration of the up-and-coming artist, as well as cards for fans of the popular Card Talk Pod featuring each one of the hosts.

2. The eBay Vault Panel

Jason Koeppel/ONE37pm

After the happy hour concluded, attendees were greeted by a panel, hosted by Card Talk’s Tyler Schmitt, fearturing DJ Skee, Bob Means (Director of Trading Cards at eBay) and Rick Ung (Director of Product Management at eBay). They discussed the future of the hobby and how the eBay vault aims to “remove some of the friction from the buying process.”

Needless to say, the eBay vault will be an extremely useful tool for buyers and sellers transacting on graded cards valued at $500 or more. If a seller stores a card in the vault, it’s held in a temperature controlled, secure environment where ownership can easily be transferred immediately, If the buyer would like to have the card shipped to them, eBay takes care of the fulfillment. 

Check out the full conversation here!

The security that eBay provides is second to none. They’re the largest company in the space, so I don’t have any worries about anything happening [to the cards].

- DJ Skee

3. Break with Buster

Jason Koeppel/ONE37pm

In what was probably the most fun part of the evening, Lou Geneux of Card Talk and Buster Scher broke a 2021 Flawless Football box. Attendees were given a raffle ticket upon entry. Each card that was pulled from the box was raffled off, with the big winner taking home a Zach Wilson Rookie Gems Signatures Sapphire /15 auto.

The card was handed off to CSG immediately and graded the very next day. It’s now en route to the eBay vault! 

4. Women of the Hobby Panel

Jason Koeppel/ONE37pm

After all the excitement from the Flawless break, the stage was set for six of the top female content creators in the hobby. The panel was hosted by ONE37pm’s own Courtney Knecht and Jess Mineo of Bleecker Trading, and featured Hanna Chang, Sam Shuford, Kristina Thorson and Sharon Chiong. It was great to shine a light on these inspirational collectors and hear their perspectives on the hobby.

5. Live Performance from Fresco Trey

Jason Koeppel/ONE37pm

The night came to a close with a memorable performance by up-and-coming hip-hop artist Fresco Trey. One of the highlights of the show was when Fresco and his sister surprised their mother—who was in attendance celebrating her birthday—with a song that they wrote for her. This was the first time they ever performed the song and it brought everyone to their feet. A very special way to end an unbelievably fun night. 

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