Jamia Fields Launches New Streetwear Brand 'Stoic Los Angeles'

The designer spoke to ONE37pm's Jael Rucker ahead of the brand's release

Jamia Fields

When we last spoke to Jamia Fields in September, 2020, she was in the midst of her season with the Houston Dash, and we primarily chatted about her life-long love of fashion. Frequently recognized for her dope fits (which she regularly showcases on social media), Fields made it clear that she was determined to make big waves in the fashion industry and hinted that she was working on an upcoming fashion line. Fast forward seven months later, that line has finally come to fruition, officially launching online today. Named Stoic Los Angeles (which is a testimony to anybody who has had to power through tough times and situations), Stoic L.A. is a luxury streetwear brand that is ‘street but sweet.’ 

Working on Stoic primarily by herself, Fields has been completely hands-on in all the elements of her company, pulling from her experiences in fashion, life, and sports to create a brand that encompasses what it truly means to be a warrior. Ahead of its release, Fields spoke with ONE37pm’s Jael Rucker to give a full background on how Stoic Los Angeles came to be and what the line means to her.

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Jamia Fields

Rucker: What has been the process of starting Stoic?

Fields: I would say the process has been pretty long but an exciting journey. I’ve always had this passion for fashion, clothes, and styling, and I got inspired to start my own brand. It was exciting but also fearful, like with everything new. I felt called to it, and the message of Stoic Los Angeles was huge to me. I was excited to start something meaningful through fashion. It has been a lot of work, but still fun!

I started over a year ago—It took me at least half a year to come up with the name because I wanted the brand to have my journey intertwined in it and be something that other people could relate to. Within that year, I definitely got all the bits and pieces together.

Rucker: Obviously you are going to have the online site, but are there plans for a Stoic Los Angeles store?

Fields: Yes, it is definitely part of the vision that I have for Stoic with different pop-up shops in the future. So online for right now, but building towards that for sure.

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Jamia Fields

Rucker: Why Streetwear? I know it is a natural part of being an athlete as you guys tend to have an affinity for streetwear, but what made you want to start a line that you can offer to everybody? 

Fields: For me, it is a huge part of my wardrobe. I like throwing on crewnecks and hoodies, but I also love dressing up or down and still having that streetwear vibe. I wanted the basis of my line to be streetwear because I like athleisure and the oversized look. Being comfortable is my main thing, but it was also perfect timing because since the pandemic people have been wearing sweatshirts and hoodies more. I have always dressed like that, and I definitely wanted those things to be a part of my brand.

Rucker: What is it like starting an athleisure brand?

Fields: For me, when I’m looking to shop, I look for good material. I knew I wanted to start a luxury streetwear brand where the clothes that I am making may cost a little bit more but are great material and a great message that people can relate to when they are buying clothes. They can see their story in what they are wearing, and that has a lot of meaning behind the name Stoic.

I’ve tried it all—I’ve been a ‘bargain shopper’ my whole life. I like to find the best prices, but I also enjoy high-end things as well. I have felt and worn different fabrics, and for me I’ve seen how the cheaper fabrics wash and wear over time. I tried to create something in the middle of that, but still high-end luxury. 

Rucker: You are pretty much a one-man band with this right?

Fields: It has been very challenging but rewarding at the same time because I put a vision out there, and I would go to sleep thinking about it, and wake up to write something down because I am that passionate. Obviously I’ve had help here and there with the creative part of it, the website, etc., but with the complete vision and having to find every piece, as well as getting the licensing—you know you could start it within a month, but I didn’t want that to be the case with me. I wanted to put all my time into it because I want the brand to sustain for years to come.

Jamia Fields

Rucker: What does Stoic mean in a fashion sense?

Fields: It’s enduring hardships and overcoming, being an underdog. That is what stoicism has meant to me and my journey, and making sure you keep going when things aren’t in your favor. As an athlete, I know other athletes can relate, but creatives in other industries can as well. My mom is in the tech world, and we go through the exact same things. I wanted to build another platform where people can tell their story, and know that if they are going through a struggle and want to give up , they can have something from Stoic LA to remind them to keep going.  For me, it was my faith and reading articles that helped me the most. Creating a platform is a pivotal aspect of what I want to do with my brand.

When I look back on my life and career now, it all makes sense. I feel like God gave me a vision, and it is because of all that I have been through and overcome. It is definitely what inspired this brand, and if I hadn’t gone through those things, then the brand wouldn’t be here today.

Stoic Los Angeles officially launches today. You browse the website here, and follow Jamia for more updates on Instagram and Twitter.

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