Juicy J and GaryVee Team Up On Asterisk*, Changing the Weed Game Forever

A new strain, fresh merch and Juicy J's first beat pack.

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Asterisk* / ONE37pm

Juicy J’s brand Asterisk* is dropping more than just a strain today. In addition to the release of the “Chronic Frog” strain (dropping exclusively at MMD Dispensaries in Los Angeles), the brand is releasing an apparel capsule designed by the legendary Cody Hudson and the first-ever Juicy J Beat & Sound Pack.

chronic frog beatpack

I mean, just look at the beautiful packaging of these beat packs. You can cop the beat pack at Asterisk*’s website today. 

Asterisk* has done three drops so far. The first came alongisde "Gah Damn High," and the second drop coincided with the release of the Juicy J / NLE Choppa track, "Load It Up." The latter video heavily features the flower in all of its glory. Check out our writeup of the last release, which, like this one, demonstrated that cannabis drops can include much more than just weed. 

If you want a closer look at the bud, we've got you covered. After all, Asterisk*'s multimedia approach doesn't mean they skimp on the flower. Just take a look at this ridiculously frosty nug. The new "Chronic Fog" strain—cultivated by the award-winning geneticists at Cream of the Crop—is available at MMD dispensaries in LA.

asterisk cannabis

You may know Cody Hudson from his work with Nike or just from being one of our generation's most impactful graphic designers. Hudson is more than just a designer for Asterisk*; the Chicago-based artist is another one of Juicy J and Gary's partners / co-owners. Hudson designed the merch capsule (in addition to the brand's packaging), and like everything that’s come from the cannabis brand, the pieces are aesthetically stunning.

chronic fog hoody 1
Asterisk* / Cody Hudson

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Asterisk* / Cody Hudson

Today is a big day not just for Asterisk*, but for the whole cannabis space. Cannabis brands don’t just sell weed anymore; they sell a lifestyle and all the music, vibes, and gear that come with it.

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