Legendary Chess Player Maurice Ashley Releases His Line of Merch

Maurice Ashley

If you follow chess at all, then odds are you know Grandmaster Maurice Ashley. He's one of the most beloved figures in contemporary chess; the Jamaican-American grandmaster is a three-time national championship coach, author, ESPN commentator, iPhone app designer, puzzle inventor, and motivational speaker—just to name a few of his hats.

Throughout his time as a commentator, Ashley has amassed quite a few signature phrases, from "Gangsta Chess," a style of chess which "goes for the jugular" to "BOOM," a phrase he uses for a move so totally vicious that nothing other than the onomatopoeic comic book sound would suffice. The king is finally releasing a merch package, featuring hats, T-shirts, and mugs emboldened with his signature catchphrases.

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Maurice Ashley

The merch will be available on Ashley's online merchandise shop, and we can expect to see more color-ways in the coming weeks. Keep your eyes on his social channels for updates.

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