'Meg 2: The Trench' Ending Explained: Will There Be a 'Meg 3?'

What does the ending mean for the future?

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Ah! Another good ole shark movie. A good percentage of us got our introduction to shark movies through Steven Spielberg's legendary Jaws (even if we weren't born at the time of its release), and have seen our fair share of shark movies in our lifetimes. Some have been one-off movies, while other have turned into franchise. The Meg appears to be falling into the latter category as its sequel, Meg 2: The Trench, is now in theaters. If you've already seen the film, you may have been left wondering what exactly is next, and frankly, we're kind of wondering the same thing. So let's dive into that ending just a little bit more to see what this means for the franchise: will there be a Meg 3?

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What is 'Meg 2: The Trench' About?

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While this doesn't have anything to do the ending, you can call us crazy, but we actually think Meg 2: The Trench is actually a more cohesive film than The Meg. The first film had moments where it just didn't feel like the events were genuinely connecting, and that had us slightly skeptical in regards to Meg 2: The Trench because we've often found the second installment of shark films to be less realistic—a grasping at straws if you will. Now don't get us wrong, we can say in full faith that Meg 2: The Trench is completely realistic from start to finish, we're just saying the storyline just flows slightly better. Now onto that ending.

'Meg 2: The Trench' Ending Explained

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One of the reasons we said the sequel is better than the original is because of Montes (Sergio Peris-Mencheta) and his crew, Jonas has to fight off in addition to the prehistoric megalodon that gets unleashed. So you essentially have two battles going on at the same time that's fought in a way that only a Jason Statham character is capable of. We also know that Mana One’s technology has evolved to new heights which means new equipment, new capabilities, and the inevitable mole that's really on the opposing side. That mole was Jess who gets busted in 4K as it's revealed she's working with Montes. Jess, of course, winds up getting eaten by a megalodon, which means there's no longer a mole in Mana One, but the damage has been done.

And thanks to Montes, the prehistoric megalodon's are out and ready to rumble, which leads to a final battle between all three on Fun Island. Fun right? As demonstrated in the first film, fighting megalodon's are no easy task as it requires not just super strength, but some weapons. You also have to know that the sharks aren't going down without a fight, and that even when you think you've got them, they end up coming right back (in dramatic fashion at that). In the midst of it, you also know that some folks are inevitably not going to make it.

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In the midst of the battle we see Jonas fighting, blowing the heads off sharks, and in the meantime he's also sparring with Montes. Montes gets killed by megalodon (the shark eats him), and so do the mercenaries and the financer. That's one battle ended, but in the midst of that is still the on-going battle with megs. One megalodon ends up getting slashed to death by a helicopter blade, and the others get taken out by way of gunshot. Oh, and we can't forget that vicious octopus that was about to take out Jiuming, who gets saved by his pet/project megalodon Haiqi.

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Haiqi still seems to be a bit of a wild card if you ask us. It appears she can turn at any given moment and kill everybody in her line of vision, but for the moment it appears Jiuming has control of her...for now.

Will there be a Meg 3?

So where does that leave us for a potential Meg 3? Historically in shark franchises we've seen there be three or more films, and we'd say Meg 2: The Trench leaves the door open for there to be another film, but it also leaves room for the door to close as well. Part of this is going to depend on the box office success of the current film. According to Variety, Meg 2: The Trench is looking at an opening weekend of $25 million to $30 million, which is a drop from the $45 million The Meg opened with pre-pandemic. That, of course, was pre-pandemic but as Barbie and Oppenheimer have shown, people will still come out to the theater if they think the project is worth it, so no more excuses in that regard.

There's also the matter of the rather negative reactions the film is getting from critical standpoint which is ironic to us because as we mentioned earlier, we think this is a better film than the first one. However, even if Meg 2: The Trench doesn't materialize well at the box office, all hope isn't gone if it pulls solid numbers on streaming. Now if a Meg 3 is set into the motion, where could it go?

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The possibility of Haiqi turning on everybody seems like it would make for a good storyline in our opinion. "The pet shark that turned on the owner that raised her for over twenty years and all of his buddies." Sounds good to us. They could also go in a completely different direction by introducing characters and new sharks. All of this is hypothetical of course, but let's see where Meg 2 takes us first.

Meg 2: The Trench is in theaters now.

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