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Tim Moxey moved to Seattle from England in 2013 after the state voted to legalize cannabis. With a passion for advocacy and a great knowledge of the many benefits of cannabis and hemp-infused products, Moxey had plans to make cannabis-infused mints to provide mild relief for daily stresses, aches and pains. Mr. Moxey’s Mints was born and took off immediately, becoming the best-selling cannabis edible on the U.S. legal cannabis market. 

With cannabis being legal in only 11 states, Moxey wanted to create another product that could be available for everyone. This is when his company introduced a CBD-only blend. 

“Mr. Moxey’s is all about creating holistic wellness products that make everyday life a little bit better,” Moxey told ONE37pm. “We’re excited to expand our range of mints and to offer our loyal existing and new customers our new all-natural soothing salves that combine the power of CBD and therapeutic herbs.”

Homing in on his passion for plant-based and herbal wellness, the line recently introduced new topicals for everyday use to help support a healthy lifestyle and healthy skin. We talked with Moxey about all things cannabis and taking on CBD in the form of a mint.

ONE37pm: What’s your relationship with cannabis? How did you get interested in being a part of the industry? 

Moxey: I tried some really dodgy cannabis in England when I was 18. It wasn’t a very good feeling, so I tried it again ten years ago when I was living in Seattle. It was a totally different experience, but too strong for me and I didn’t like the smoking so I started to make brownies at home—but done properly. Everything was measured precisely, but I’d intentionally make them really weak so I could get a really mild and uplifting effect, and not the overwhelming feeling you can often get with cannabis. Since then I’ve found cannabis to be something to enjoy while chatting with a friend while walking round the local lake or for taking stress out of a long day. The moment the light bulb really went off for me was while reading an article in The Economist on marijuana legalization and the current state of prohibition. In this moment of legalization, we have the opportunity to bring cannabis out of the shadows and allow people to include it in their life in a helpful and well-informed way. I realized that the only way the wide-scale legalization of cannabis would succeed would be if a well-regulated market was successful in getting people what they wanted.

ONE37pm: What made you choose mints for CBD delivery? 

Moxey: Mints are a form factor we pioneered for cannabis, and bringing that to organic hemp-derived CBD was something we had always wanted to do, but the recent changes in public understanding and interest, along with national and state regulatory changes, made it possible for us to seriously consider how to be present in the CBD market that has dramatically grown overnight.

ONE37pm: What sets Moxey’s apart from other microdosing companies? 

Moxey: Mr. Moxey’s really doubled down on microdosing at a time when the industry was just getting started and high-potency products were what people wanted to make and wanted to buy. I wanted us to make products that I would have enjoyed, and a low-potency, precision-dosed edible felt like something we could make work. We use proprietary dosing methods to get each and every mint precisely dosed, and even the labs we test with acknowledge that our products have the most precise dosing that they have seen. The other critical piece that sets us apart is the inclusion of synergistic herbs in our mints. No other company has taken the concept of microdosing and included the microdosing of herbs that add a whole new level of familiarity to our products. 

ONE37pm: What advice do you have for anyone looking to get into the CBD industry? 

Moxey: This industry is still in its infancy, and every single CBD business needs to act in a way that uplifts the whole industry. Anyone looking to get into the space needs to source their CBD responsibly. We developed a relationship very early on with an all-organic hemp supplier that could produce to our requirements and meet our quality standards. The CBD marketplace is so saturated with products that you need to bring something new to the table if you want to succeed. Everyone has a gummy, there are a thousand types of drinks and tinctures. Our success is built upon the knowledge we already had in cannabis infusion of our mints and we worked on bringing that success to the CBD market, where there was nothing like our product out there. 

ONE37pm: Tell us about your salves, why did you go that route? 

Moxey: One of the primary missions of Mr. Moxey’s is to help people find ways to include CBD (and cannabis, if they are so inclined) into their everyday life to support their health and wellness. The mints have been a runaway success story, but the majority of people out there still might not be in a place where they want to ingest CBD or cannabis quite yet. So the salves were a natural next step to find an herbal topical that people could use in a way that was very familiar and see if CBD had a place in their life. 

ONE37pm: What do you want to see change about the cannabis industry? 

Moxey: I think the entire industry needs to do more to continue to educate the public on cannabis. We really try our best, but we still run into regulatory restrictions in certain markets on what we can and cannot share. It is critical at this early stage that we work together to help people find the cannabis products that work for them and why they might work for them.

ONE37pm: What are some challenges you've faced as a business owner in the cannabis space?

Moxey: Navigating the constantly changing regulatory landscape, education outsiders looking in our very existence as a cannabis brand can be a challenge at times. We are in a highly regulated industry that is still starting out, so we continue to take the time and put in the effort to meet with regulators, meet with legislators, engage the folks crafting marijuana policy and bring our perspective to the table. There have been times where the success of our business was suddenly at risk because last-minute rule changes came through and totally changed course for us, but we continue to believe that well-regulated cannabis industry is the best way to have successful legal cannabis. 

ONE37pm: Describe your brand-building strategy in one sentence.

Moxey: We create dynamic mainstream products that people are already familiar with as a way to introduce them to cannabis and get them engaged in our mission and brand. 

ONE37pm: How do you take your coffee?

Moxey: Americano with cream. Simple and gets me going in the morning.

ONE37pm: What is the most important lesson you’ve learned as a founder? 

Moxey: This is the third company I have founded, and one thing that both I and my co-founder, Chris Abbott, continue to discover and refine is how to best enlist people in the success of a cannabis company. Sometimes we tend to forget that the real goal around all of this—the work we do daily and that the whole industry participates in—is to normalize cannabis consumption by removing the stigmas around cannabis. Not many industries or companies get the opportunity to connect to a higher calling like that. We talk about it as frequently as we can with staff and out in the world, but it is during one-on-one conversations with folks that you really see the passion so many people have around what we do. 

ONE37pm: What’s one aspect of your job that you knew nothing about? How did you adapt?

Moxey: One area that I hadn’t been particularly involved within my other companies was government regulatory policy and engaging with legislators on behalf of an industry and a cause. So much of what you have to do as a cannabis business owner involves taking questions, educating others and really taking the time to continue the dialogue on why legalization is the right choice. I have met with people from the national all the way down to the state level, and almost all of them will take the time to hear from us and engage in a thoughtful debate. When we get to the core of cannabis legalization and why now is the time to act, they usually get it. They can’t always help, but they understand.

ONE37pm: What advice would you give to anyone looking to launch a business?

Moxey: You have to believe in what you are doing down to its core, you have to live and breathe it. In that way you can enlist others to the cause, and people take notice if you believe in the fundamentals of what you are doing.

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