How Nathan 'Dogg Face' Apodaca Transformed Into a Social Media Guru

The burgeoning social media star had a conversation with ONE37pm's Tyler Schmitt

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Do you remember where you were the first time you saw the clip of a really happy guy skateboarding to Fleetwood Mac’s song ‘Dreams’ while drinking Ocean Spray cranberry juice? Take a minute to think about how it made you feel. It’s safe to say that the video brought a smile to your face, right?

2020 was a tough year for everybody, and though we all had down moments because of the many challenges we faced, Nathan ‘Dogg Face’ Apocada showed us that even when you don’t have anything else, you can still find happiness in the little things.

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Like many people who go viral, Dogg Face wasn’t expecting to explode on social media. He was just making positive videos like usual. Timing is everything, though (especially with content), and his carefree, joyful spirit stole the hearts of millions of people worldwide as we rounded out a tough year. To date, his video has received well over 50 million views across all social media platforms, and Dogg Face even got a shoutout from Fleetwood Mac with Stevie Nicks and Mick Fleetwood doing their own renditions. The burgeoning social media star caught up with ONE37pm’s Tyler Schmitt to discuss how that one video changed his life forever.

“For me, I get my happiness through being on Cloud 9,” he tells Schmitt when asked about how he is always able to find joy. “Beyond that, when I lost my brother in 2007, I figured life was too short to worry about simple stuff. I trained myself to be happy. If anything is bothering me, there is something to make me happy, and that is herbal healing.”

That ‘herbal healing’ puts Dogg Face in the mindset to create great content with the objective to make people smile, and of course, cannabis always helps too. Like many, it allows Dogg Face to reach a peaceful place while also fueling his creativity. 

I think it’s better that people are more open about cannabis now, and it’s good because people need to know that it’s an herbal healing plant. It heals and opens up more than what you think.


During the conversation, Schmitt points out to Dogg Face that his life has changed immensely since that random October day where he hit "post" on his now-viral video. Prior to his success, Dogg Face worked at a potato warehouse, living a relatively ‘normal’ life with his two daughters. Now he has different brand deals, his own merchandise line, and probably a little more money in his pocket than before. Still, the subject circles back to happiness.

“I’m more comfortable now. I feel better—I can get stuff for my mom because we all want financial stability. We had that before, but now we can enjoy the fruits of life, but it’s not really the fruits of life because it’s just material things. I’m more focused on being able to bless the people around me. I can do more for others, and I’ve been able to get a house for my family. It’s crazy.”

Even with his newfound success, it hasn’t changed his overall strategy for developing content.  “I normally see the vision in my head before I do it unless it’s a trend. I don’t try to think too much. If it flows, it flows. I try to keep it fun.”

Just like with the Fleetwood Mac video, nothing is overly planned or calculated.

“No! That Fleetwood Mac video was done in one take! I didn’t want to leave my juice at the top of the hill because then I would have to go back up to get it. Soon as I got down the hill, I started catching speed, and I couldn’t stop so I just did it. It was funny to see people make those comments about it being a commercial. It was just perfect. My whole family listens to Fleetwood Mac, even my daughters, so it has always meant a lot to me.”

And so has skateboarding; though Dogg Face doesn’t exactly consider himself a pro.

“It’s funny because I’m not really a pro. You know I’ll challenge anybody to skating—I’ll probably lose, but I can get a couple rounds in. I can do some things other people can’t do! I love it! I’ve been skating it since I was little as a way to get from Point A to Point B. Once upon a time I used to do tricks and stuff.”

While we have come to associate Dogg Face with skateboarding, he also has a passion for basketball and can play cards with the best of the best. Oh, and entrepreneurship has been added as a new hobby too. Dogg Face is now a ‘brand,’ and that means he has to work with his manager Gina day in and day out on different strategies.’

“You know all this was a surprise,” he says reflecting on how he had to start putting together his team quickly. “At first I was like I don’t need a manager, but then we started working together and she got me verified. I reached out to her, and since then Gina has been amazing. As far as brands—as long as they keep letting me do what I’ve been doing I’m good. If it doesn’t fit me, then I’m not doing it. Everything that I’ve gotten now has just been perfect for me, even with cannabis! We’ve got a concentrate coming out, and a flower. We are still trying to stay exclusive though.”

The new year means new opportunities, and Dogg Face has plans for a big 2021.

“You know me and Sector 9 have got some stuff coming out. Sector 9 has always been a board that I mess with. I’m the first non-pro skateboarder to be signed with them. I may be getting a game too. I also have some more merch.”

Dogg Face is ‘officially official,’ but as he continues to soar, he’ll be sure to keep a positive spirit while staying true to himself. 

You can keep up with all of his latest videos and announcements on Instagram and TikTok.

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