'Poetic Justice' at 30: Reflecting on the Film and its Impact on the Black Community

Have you seen Poetic Justice?

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On this date 30 years ago, music icons Tupac and Janet Jackson came out with a movie that will forever remain a cult classic—Poetic Justice. It's hard to believe that so much time has passed since its original release as Poetic Justice has seemed to be the gift that keeps on giving in the Black community. For us millennials, the film is one of those "right-of-passage" must-see ones that was shown to you by your parents when you were a kid/teenager, and in turn, you are supposed to pass it down to your children and younger siblings/relatives. And don't get us started on Halloween—you can't go a halloween season without seeing loads of girls dressed as Poetic Justice Janet (and their S/Os as Tupac when they want to team up), and "Janet Jackson braids" are very much a real thing and a real requested hair style.

With it being the films 30th anniversary, we figured it would be a good time to take a look back at the impact the movie had at the time of its release, and the impact it continues to have today.

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The Storyline

The 90s Vibes Were Immaculate

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Poetic Justice was early 1990s Black culture to the fullest. The oversized fashion, the music, the scenery, the hairstyles, etc. While there were elements of the film that were sad (such as Justice having lost her boyfriend and being in a state of grief), there was also a carefree element that can only be attributed to the 1990s decade as a whole. People were happy, in the moment, living life to the fullest, and not glued to technology 24/7. That can even be seen amongst the background actors.

The Soundtrack

Maya Angelou's Cameo

Poetic Justice Was Janet Jackson's Film Debut

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It's hard to believe because Janet's been acting since she was a child (if you want to get technical she was an actress with multiple credits to her name before officially becoming a musician", but Poetic Justice was indeed her film debut. Way to make an entrance.

Tupac Was a Rising Film Star Himself

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And some might even say Tupac was a film star before blowing up with music as Juice was released right before his debut album. As much as we talk about Pac's music legacy, he was doing his thing in film as well.

The Janet Jackson Braids

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The Janet Jackson Braids are very much a requested hairstyle. In fact, all you have to say is "Janet Jackson Braids" and that's it.

Regina King's Performance

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And we can't forget Regina King's performance as well. Phenomenal as always.

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