Prime Video Celebrates ‘Reacher’ with The Reacher Challenge in Atlanta

The series is set premiere this Friday

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Amazon Prime’s new series Reacher is set to make its premiere on February 4th, and to celebrate the new show, Prime put on a special event this past weekend in Atlanta to get fans and viewers hyped up. Yesterday, Prime had a special Reacher activation challenge and Atlanta’s The Battery/Truist Park, and ONE37pm attended the event to get a feel for what we could possibly expect from the series.

The activation was interactive and consumer-friendly and gave passersby the opportunity to take part in a series of physical challenges that mimic the missions Jack Reacher must undergo throughout the show. The activation was along the lines of a crazy obstacle course (think The Challenge, Survivor, etc), and each participant received a set of ‘Reacher Rules’ prior to starting the challenge.

From there, the participants had to go through a hyper-active obstacle course consisting of tasks like breaking out of jail, climbing walls to escape, finding clues to get to the next task, and plenty more including unexpected roadblocks.

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Reacher Activation Mock / Amazon Prime

It was competitive, challenging, and fun to watch from the outside looking in (I wasn’t bold enough to participate). Each participant received a photo and souvenir and the end of the challenge for their personal keeping, making it a truly memorable day.

Once again, Reacher will make its debut on Prime Video this Friday and will follow the life of Jack Reacher, a veteran military police investigator who enters civilian life when he is falsely accused of murder. The show stars Alan Ritchson as Reacher, Willa Fitzgerald, and Malcolm Goodwin amongst others, and will be one to add to our winter TV lineup.

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