Understanding The Vision with RDCWorld1

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Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

It has been fascinating to follow the rise of the comedic troupe of YouTubers that entertain under the moniker of RDCWorld1. If the titles "Anime House" and "How Hood Dudes Be Coming Up With New Slang" sound familiar to you, then you clearly know who those guys are. In 2011, Marcus "Mark" Vincent Phillips Jr. and Affiong "Aff" Harris birthed the channel in an effort to make satirical skits aimed at gaming, anime, and several other pop culture avenues. Now that the two-man group has expanded to include the collective of Leland Manigo, Desmond "Des" Johnson, Benjamin "Ben" Skinner, Dylan "Dyl" Patel, and Johnathan "John" Newton. We spent some time with the whole crew while attending Dream Con to get some insight into the event itself, the biggest lesson that comes from running something so major, the best Denzel Washington films, and more.

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