A Look Back at Heath Ledger's Best Scenes in 'The Dark Knight'

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On this day fifteen years ago, The Dark Knight officially hit theaters, which means it's been fifteen years since we were blessed with one of the best performances from an actor in cinematic history. The topic of who's the best Joker of all time is one that sparks some very passionate conversations. If you were around during the 1960s, then you might have Cesar Romero as your favorite. If you are an avid fan of Jack Nicholson then it's probably safe to say that his performance as the Joker in 1989's Batman ranks as your favorite. For some, it might be Jared Leto. Make no mistake—all of these actors did the damn thing when it came to the portrayal of Joker, but dammit, nobody has done it quite like Heath Ledger (and we're standing on that).

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Heath Ledger's performance as Joker was the perfect element of everything. He was evil, but not to the point where you hated him. In fact, you actually liked him a bit even though you weren't supposed to. He was funny, but not the point where it was overly comical. His facial expressions, voice, posture, and walk as The Joker is something that should be heavily studied by anybody who wants to be a good actor because "Heath Ledger" wasn't present in any of that—he completely left himself behind.

We can continue on with the list of reasons (which might be worth an article by itself at some point), but simply put, Ledger is the greatest in our book. If you don't agree, then we can at least all agree that his performance was phenomenal and very much worthy of the Oscar he was awarded.

So without further ado, here are the best Heath Ledger moments as The Joker.

1. The Car Chase

2. The Hospital Explosion

3. Interrogation Scene

4. Now I'm Always Smiling

5. Escape Scene

6. Hospital Scene (Before the Blow Up)

7. Burning Cash

8. Escape Scene

9. The Clapping Scene

10. Magic Trick Scene

If we keep going we'll end practically posting the whole movie, so we'll end it with this:

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