Ron Suno Releases New Single 'Bandit'

The rapper spoke with ONE37pm's Jael Rucker

Nigel Gfazo

After spending most of 2019 and 2020 building his social media profile through creative videos that also highlight his musical talents, Ron Suno is taking his career in a new direction. How so?  He’s going independent. Working with EMPIRE distribution, Suno recently released his new single ‘Bandit,’ which has gotten the attention of the TikTok community and local DJs. With many notable collaborations under his belt including DDG, Fetty Wap, and Fivio Foreign, Suno has commanded respect from many of his industry peers, and continues to have an engaged fanbase with over one million followers on Instagram. Now focused on giving back to his supporters, Suno is introducing the Bandit Challenge —a $2K shopping spree for the most-watched video. Suno spoke with ONE37pm’s Jael Rucker about his recent release and how fans can have the best shot at winning $2K.

Jael Rucker: You went independent right? Why that decision?

Ron Suno: You don’t understand—you have to own your masters! They are people that sign with major labels, and ten years from now they can’t release new music. I want to be able to drop when I want to and make my own money. You have to be in it 100 percent because this is what you work for. You don’t work to be under someone else, you don’t want to settle for less!

Jael Rucker: Your fans have a chance to win some money with the Bandit Challenge.

Tell them what they are up for.

Ron Suno: Listen Up! The winner gets $2,000, and I’m going to take them on a shopping spree at whatever mall they want to go to. We are going to do a little Vlogging too. You have to bring something different for the table though!

Ron Suno is one to watch. Be sure to check out the full interview above.

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