Sean Wotherspoon Is Bringing "Late Lunch" To NTWRK

The iconic designer is starting a new chapter


Style legend and world-renowned designer Sean Wotherspoon is adding yet another accomplishment to his incredibly impressive resume. The icon has teamed up with premier livestream shopping platform NTWRK to launch Late Lunch, a 3-in-1 merchandise collection, shoppable show and charity partnership bringing his many years of expertise to life in a different way.

Wotherspoon is the designer of theNike Air Max 1/97, the winning design of Air Max Day 2018, which was originally redesigned by combining an Air Max 97 upper with an Air Max 1 outsole and midsole, with the multicolor, corduroy upper inspired by vintage Nike hats, co-founder of the vintage boutique store Round Two in partnership with Chris Russow, and host of the autobiographical “Round Two The Show” YouTube web series which has amassed over 300,000 active channel subscribers.

NTWRK Late Lunch Key Art 2 3x2
Sean Wotherspoon / NTWRK

Wotherspoon has also designed for big named brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Disney, and recently partnered with Vespa Primavera for the 150 Sean Wotherspoon scooter.

Late Lunchis a new lifestyle brand, original series and social initiative that lives exclusively on the NTWRK app, and will be accompanied by a monthly episode which will feature candid conversations between Wotherspoon and iconic figures from the fashion, hip hop and sneaker industries as well as a collection of exclusive merchandise from his lifestyle brand—also named Late Lunch. 

We spoke with Wotherspoon about his partnership with NTWRK, and what to expect in the future.

ONE37pm: Congrats on the NTWRK partnership. How did this come to be?

Wotherspoon: I’ve been really impressed with all of the things NTWRK has been doing, and I’ve been friends with CEO Aaron Levant for a long time. Watching them grow has been inspiring, and they are such a great team. I’m really excited about this partnership. We are starting brand new with a concept called Late Lunch, which is something that I have actually been working on for the past four or five years. It was previously a side project and now with NTWRK I’m hoping it will grow into a dream brand.

ONE37pm: How did you develop the concept of Late Lunch?

Wotherspoon: The idea of Late Lunch happened when I was working at Round Two which I absolutely loved. So many people and celebrities were coming by the store, and I would be so busy that I wouldn’t be able to eat lunch until late. It kind of turned into a thing, and I thought it was cool because late lunch is sort of like a lifestyle for people who are always on the grind because eating is an afterthought. I started branding Late Lunch and putting it on things, and it just grew from there.

NTWRK Late Lunch Key Art 3 3x2

ONE37pm: How has Late Lunch evolved into what you are doing now with NTWRK?

Wotherspoon: Again it’s been a dream, and we actually just started teasing our next item which is going to be an alarm clock. We’ve really wanted to start stepping into the home goods realm which is very exciting. This has been such a fun and lucky experience because this doesn’t feel like a job at all. It’s actually like a vacation! We’re also spreading plant-based knowledge, and we’re going to be donating vegan meals to schools and communities.

We’ve already donated a few hundred meals which we are proud of. Aside from that, Late Lunch is also going to be a show, and we actually just did an interview with Ben Baller! There’s going to be more of that going forward as we are going to be diving more into original series.

We’re also going to be doing cross country trips that focus on world travel and interviewing different designers and people in streetwear. It’s going to be sick as we expand the brand!

ONE37pm: Do plan on integrating sneakers into Late Lunch? Or will you keep it separate?

Wotherspoon: I would like to keep Late Lunch separate from sneakers. I really want for it to be everything else except sneakers, like those weird tape dispensers from 1964. I do so much with sneakers already, so I would like to keep the two separate for sure.

ONE37pm: Where do you see Late Lunch five years from now?

Wotherspoon: I see Late Lunch donating $100 million to charities, becoming one of your favorite talk shows, and our home goods line expanding!

Be sure to keep up with Sean, NTWRK, and Late Lunch on Instagram, and follow their updates via the official Late Lunch website.


Named one of Fast Company’s “Brands That Matter” and “Most Innovative Companies" as well as Ad Age’s “Hottest Brands,” NTWRK is the premier North American livestream shopping platform where “entertainment meets e-commerce” (Forbes). Built on a digitally-innovative model of daily product drops, livestream shopping festivals, and exclusive partnerships with world-renowned brands and creators, NTWRK has fostered an organic global community of artists and fans since its launch in 2018. Under the motto “Shop, Watch, Connect” NTWRK provides a curated digital shopping experience that resonates with Gen-Z and millennial consumers.

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