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If you enjoy sports cards mixed in with a bit of gambling, you may have joined a few "card breaks" hoping to cash in on the hottest trend in the hobby.

For those who are unfamiliar with what a "break" is, think of it as a combination of the excitement of a blackjack table, mixed with the odds of roulette, with the potential to hit a slot machine jackpot-style payout.

Simply put, somebody takes a full box of trading cards and instead of selling the entire box to one person, multiple people split the cost. The person who opens the box (think of them as the dealer) streams it live, and the contents are divided up amongst the people who paid to enter the break. There are many ways of figuring out who gets what card, but the most common method is done by a random drawing before the box is opened in which each person is assigned teams, receiving the cards for each player that is pulled from that team.

For more detailed information on card breaks, check out this article.

What's the "breaking" news?


It appears that there is a new player in the space, as the popular website StarStock is now going to be doing live breaks, with a twist:

"StarStock is going to start getting into live breaks on July 1st." said Business Development Manager, Eric Bruder. "We are aiming to solve the main pain point being the wait time to get the cards back in hand. All StarStock eligible cards from the breaks will be given a StarStock A, B, or C and in the user's account in 24 hours or less. Users will also have the availability to ship the rookies home along with the non-rookie hits if desired."

If you were previously unfamiliar with the company, StarStock enables sellers to ship them their cards to be listed on the platform. The cards are stored inside of StarStock’s secure vault. When a buyer purchases a card, they have the option to keep the card stored in the vault, or to have it sent to them.

This makes it possible for buyers to day-trade cards, as it eliminates the shipping time, risk and expense. For instance, if you were to purchase a card of a player before a particular game tips off, and that player hits a huge game winning shot, the value of that card could rise well before you would ever receive it in hand with other selling platforms. On StarStock, you can sell that card the same day you bought it and take your profits.

Now that they are offering live breaks as part of their platform, sellers can enjoy the same perks, while getting StarStock A, B & C grades on their raw cards within just 24 hours of "winning" them in the break.

StarStock A cards are considered "higher grade raw cards" that graded as either a PSA 9 or 10 on 93% of cards from a recently returned PSA submission, according to co-Founder Scott Greenberg.

Because of these statistics, StarStock A raw cards command a premium over raw cards on other platforms. To be able to purchase a spot in a break on the platform, get a grade on the cards that you pull, and have it in your account available to be sold within one day is quite a selling point.

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