Diving Into This Week's "Succession": 'Retired Janitors of Idaho'

Mirroring that of Waystar, Logan kicks off the fifth episode with a medical boot being secured to his left foot as a cane idly sits next to him. With that said, Waystar is a bit like a bum foot at the moment. As Waystar's Annual Shareholders' Meeting is about to kick off, the team is scrambling to scrounge up some good news to announce at the meeting regarding the situation with Stewy and Sandy.

On the other side of things, Kendall receives a phone call from Bianca, his assistant, about whether or not his child's giant pet rabbit can eat part of a bagel, so there's that. At his "HQ of the hashtag resistance," he watches TV coverage of the deal between Stewy and Sandy and Waystar and gets a call from Frank. He tells him that Logan is willing to forego the deal and go straight to a vote given the situation, which puts Kendall on high alert, worried that his father will screw everything up.

The rundown of the situation with Sandy and Stewy: Sandy is making tons of demands, and the team has to weigh whether or not they're going to give up certain things to make a deal happen. If they cannot settle, a vote will be forced, likely leaving the Waystar team vulnerable. Because of Sandy's demands, though, the introduction of a vote seems like the only way to move forward, even though it's a risky proposition.

Kendall meets with Stewy to figure out a deal that works for both of them regarding Waystar, given that Kendall is Stewy's main ally with the company. Kendall lets him know that Logan is ready to vote, which Stewy wants to avoid; Kendall advises him to strike up a deal that works for everyone. Promptly after this, Stewy gives Gerri a call to meet up and discuss some "thoughts," and after running it by Logan, Gerri takes Roman, Shiv, and Karl along to talk it out with Sandy, his daughter, Sandi, and Stewy.

At the meeting, Stewy announces that instead of taking over the company, they're willing to agree if they can lead on deals going forward. And just as they're about to agree, Sandy—through Sandi—adds in that he wants their costs covered as well as a right to veto any Roy taking over as the CEO of Waystar.

The group takes a minute to go over the offer separately, and Gerri calls Logan to see if he's willing to go for the deal, even though all of them think that Sandy and Stewy are asking for too much. Gerri heads back into the room and agrees, but without the veto rule. Because Sandy is insistent upon veto power, they decide to break and take a bit more time to rethink things.

Back with his dad, Connor directly asks him for a job at the company to create a more legitimate reputation for himself, suggesting something in Europe or within cable. Logan doesn't really give any sort of answer to Connor; instead, he asks where the bathroom is.

At Kendall's, Greg stops by for a quick visit to check the temperature of their relationship after he decided to switch lawyers and officially sign on with Waystar. Although Kendall understands, he promptly tells Greg that he "might" burn him in an effort to strengthen the DOJ case against Waystar, which freaks out Greg.

Immediately following that, Greg meets with his grandpa, Ewen, and his ex-lawyer, Mr. Pugh. Because Greg effectively fired Mr. Pugh, Ewen took this personally and has decided to cut Greg out of his will. Instead, he wishes to donate all of his money to Greenpeace, which comes as a massive shock to Greg.

While Frank takes the stage at the Annual Shareholders' Meeting, the crew who met up with Stewy and Sandy reunite with Logan, who isn't as thrilled as the others are about this almost-deal. At first he becomes very angry and wants to reopen the negotiations, something comes over Logan and he's able to settle down and agree.

In a shocking twist, Kendall gets a call from Bianca that the giant rabbit is sick after having eaten the bagel that Kendall OK'd earlier in the day. He tells her to call his doctor because, "if he can do people, he can do rabbits."

Back at the team base, Gerri receives another provision regarding the deal: Sandy wants to stop the use of private jets for the company because they're "elitist and out of touch."

Right in the middle of deciding what to do with the deal now that there's an extra demand, Logan insists that he needs to go to the bathroom, with Tom specifically as his escort. Upon returning from the bathroom, Logan is asked to make a decision as they can't wait any longer. Looking slightly out of it, Logan simply says "F*** them."

The rest of the team isn't quite sure at first of whether or not to actually go ahead with no deal. Roman thinks that his father knows what he's doing, whereas Shiv and Gerri are a bit more apprehensive about Logan's response. Ultimately, they decide to go ahead with Logan's plan, given that he's had to make decisions like this before and has always pulled through.

Logan then asks Tom to escort him to the bathroom once again, except this time, Tom hears Logan screaming in pain in the bathroom stall and has to physically walk him out. He gets Logan a chair at the far end of their conference space and tells Shiv that her father is "totally out of it." After hearing this from Tom, Shiv goes to speak with him and Logan believes that Shiv is Marcia, prompting her to call Kerry, an associate, who reveals that he has a urinary tract infection (UTI). These infections can be quite serious at his age, as well as being known to cause symptoms like the ones that Logan is experiencing.

Given that information, the team freaks out, slightly for Logan's health but more so for the instruction that he just gave them to strike down the deal with Sandy and Stewy. Huddling together to decide what to do, Hugh interrupts them to say that Logan is "concerned there is a dead cat under his chair; he says that he doesn't want Rose to see it and he wants Colin to take it out."

Just as this is happening, Kendall angrily waltzes in and wants to figure out what's going on with the deal having having heard from Stewy that it has been taken off the table. He hears Logan yelling incoherently in the background and watches as Colin hurriedly takes an empty bag out of the room that has the dead imaginary cat in it. Kendall continues to yell at the team and demands that they make a deal and fix the situation.

As Gerri takes the stage from Frank, Logan is seen by a doctor and put on an IV for fluids. Shiv then decides that since Logan isn't well, it's important that they try to make a deal work since there's a greater chance that they would lose if a vote were to take place.

With the turn in negative coverage of the president brought on by Shiv, the group receives an incoming call from the president, who is demanding a conversation with Logan. Because he's incapacitated, Roman takes the call, which quickly turns sour as the president decides to drop out of the presidential race as a result of the poor coverage from ATN.

By herself, Shiv meets with Sandi, and she agrees to get rid of the private jets. Though Sandi is pleased with that, she tells Shiv that there's a chance that her father is going to add more provisions. Wanting to keep it between the two of them, Shiv is able to convince her to stand her ground by offering her a fourth seat on the board if they can have an extra one on Waystar's side for herself.

Shiv calls Tom to relay the information about the deal, and everyone seems fairly elated and relieved about it—except for Roman, who's more apprehensive in thinking ahead to how his father will react. Despite this, Roman also signs off on it, finally securing the deal.

In a fit of celebration, Tom reveals to Shiv that he's most attracted to her when it's her "time of the month," thus revealing that he's been tracking her period cycle. After at first denying it, he finally says, "I just, like, counted the days on my iCal. It's not creepy." He further explains that judging by the amount of jail time he'd possibly be serving, it would be a good time to have a baby.

Just after Karl gets on stage and announces the deal with Sandy and Stewy, Kendall decides to take it upon himself to interrupt him. He creeps up behind Karl and takes the mic, speaking to a now-uneasy-looking crowd and asking them to take a moment of silence for all of the victims of crime that occurred under the watch of Waystar.

Kendall then starts reading off the names of each victim slowly, and although this seems bad for the company, Karolina tries to spin it into a positive, adding that Kendall, "looks crazy, and I think that can be good for us." His mic is cut off as he's reading the names, leading him to announce that he's starting a foundation for victims who were sexually abused under Waystar.

In other news, Greg has figured out that although he can't sue his grandfather for removing him from the will, he can still sue Greenpeace. And for what benefit, I'm not sure, but he seems to be pretty excited about it.

Logan is back to his old self just as the Shareholder's Meeting is ending, snapping at Shiv for congratulating him on the deal as he's not pleased with what went down. He screams at her to stop buzzing in his ear as he's trying to figure out the next moves with Gerri. It sort of leaves us wondering: is Gerri just a facade or is she actually more of a CEO than Shiv is?

Back on Kendall's side, Kerry tells him that Logan wants to have a meeting. As he sits in a room alone and gets in just the right position to look intimidating enough for when his father walks in, his assistant, Jess, walks in instead, telling him that Logan has decided to leave.

This prompts Kendall to call him—except, on the other end, Logan sees who's calling and tells Kerry to block his number, "permanently."

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