Everything We Know So Far About "Succession's" Season 4

With so much of the plot up for grabs following Succession's Season 3 finale, there's a fair chance that Season 4 will serve as a bit of a clean slate for the Roy bunch. Having been treated poorly by Shiv for the majority of the season, Tom's built-up resentment and anger manifested itself not in an argument with her, but in a chess-like move as he arranged a rude awakening for the Roy siblings.

Though a great deal of the audience was shocked by Tom's alerting of Logan about the need for a sibling supermajority to sell Waystar, looking back, it was a long time coming. Tom could only take so much of Shiv's behavior, and while we may have believed that he would simply break down and call for a divorce, after witnessing the Roys this season, it was clear that he needed to take further action.

With such an unexpected ending, the next thought almost immediately floats to: give me the next season now I can't wait another year when is the trailer when is the new season coming out what's going to happen. So, now that we've taken a breath from that, here's what we know so far about Season 4 of Succession.

"Succession" Season 4 Release Date

As Season 3's filming was delayed due to COVID-19, it's likely that they'll be a bit quicker to turn around this new season as the pandemic is slightly more under control than before. Season 1 premiered on June 3, 2018, while Season 2 aired on August 11, 2019; given that information, it's likely that we'll see Season 4 around the month of November of 2022. But with the confusing nature of the pandemic, it could potentially be pushed until after the New Year, though it all depends on how things play out.

Who Will Star in Season 4?

It's almost a given that the usual cast will be returning for Season 4 as that they've all appeared in the seasons prior. However, there are usually a few guest stars added to the lineup as the premiere date gets closer: this past season, we saw Adrien Brody and Alexander Skarsgård in recurring guest roles, and in Season 2, Holly Hunter guest-starred as Rhea Jarrell.

Is There a Season 4 Trailer?

Though no trailer has been released yet for Season 4, let's look back at the timeline leading up to Season 3 to clue us in on our potential wait time. The first teaser trailer for Season 3 was released on July 6, 2021, for a premiere date of October 17—that's a little over three months between the two. The official trailer was later released on September 17, which was exactly one month before the season's start. With this information, it looks like we could see a first teaser trailer by August of 2022.

Plot Lines To Be Addressed

With the bombshell ending of Season 3 with Tom, it's clear that this will be playing a major role in Season 4. Playing off that, the relationship between Tom and Shiv will most likely be given a bit of a spotlight as that reveal will further affect their marriage, which already isn't on the best of terms.

As of right now, it seems like Kendall, Roman, and Shiv are all on about the same page with regard to the company and their sibling relationship, though Connor seems to be a bit on the outs. Regardless of that, there's a fair chance that at the beginning of this new season, the siblings will either be pursuing individual endeavors separate from each other or will be forming their own spin-off company together.

As for Tom and Greg, they'll most likely be staying with the Waystar crew as it's about to be acquired by Gojo, which could potentially bring a whole new host of characters to the show given that a new company will be involved.

Overall, things were left fairly open-ended, which gives the creators of the show and writers a ton of room to move the plot in a new direction. Though we stood at the edge of a company split this season with Kendall's absence from Waystar, the selling of the entire company itself is likely to shake things up as we've never seen before.

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