Here's Five Facts We Learned From the Epic Taylor Swift 'Eras Tour' Movie

The superstar delivers once again

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So, we take it you saw Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour movie as well huh? It's only been one of the most anticipated movie releases since it's announcement, so there's no way any of us could let the weekend past without seeing it huh? Taylor Swift is arguably the biggest star on the planet at the moment, and the $125 million this film is projected to make in the US alone during opening weekend is just the latest indication of her power. On the heels of her star-studded Los Angeles premiere at The Grove, the Eras Tour movie is now officially in theaters worldwide. A 2h 48m extravaganza that gives you the opportunity to watch "The Eras Tour" on the big screen if you weren't able to attend in person (or relive the experience if you did get the chance to go), there's lots to take in as you see Swift performing all of her classics in front of sold out crowds.

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Seeing as though we're sadly in the category of individuals that didn't get to attend the concert (can we get a media pass next time Tay?), we went into The Eras completely blind and not knowing what was in store for the evening. Here's five interesting facts/takeaways we learned from the movie.

1. The show was filmed during three of six nights at SoFi Stadium

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Do you remember when Swift finished the first leg of her Eras Tour with six sold out shows back in August? Well, apparently this film was constructed with footage from three of those dates. While it's unclear which of those three dates were used from the six-run-stand, the continuity is amazing in the sense that you can't even tell that it wasn't all from the same night. Of course it wouldn't have been a big deal if you could tell as concert films have very clearly blended together multiple dates and have still come out excellent, but we just thought we would call attention to Taylor's approach.

2. The 'Eras Tour' is directed by Sam Wrench

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As we were watching these stunning visuals, we couldn't help but wonder who the mastermind director was behind the project. That, our friends, is Sam Wrench, who is both a Grammy-nominated and Emmy Award winning director. Wrench's previous credits include directing Billie Eilish's 2023 concert film Billie Eilish Live At The O2 and BTS' Permission to Dance on Stage concerts that were held also held at SoFi Stadium in 2021.

3. There is no backstage footage or documentary style interviews

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Concert films tend to either go the way of being "documentary style" in the sense that you also get backstage footage, voiceovers, interviews with some of the cast and crew members, etc., or it can just simply be the performance and the performance alone. For the Eras Tour, Swift opts for the latter as the movie begins right as the concert is beginning and goes straight through. We're fans of both approaches as they each bring their own uniqueness to the table, but for Eras Tour, the performance only mode really makes you feel as though you are actually in SoFi Stadium. That said, Swift still has an additional leg she's embarking on in 2024, so maybe we'll get another film that showcases the behind the scenes once it's all said and done.

4. The 'Eras Tour' is about to do some serious numbers

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We already knew from the crazy pre-sales and opening weekend predictions that The Eras film is going to pull in some massive numbers. However, while watching the movie, we started wondering just how massive those numbers are going to be and did a quick Google search. According to Deadline, the pre-sale numbers are already outpacing Barbie (which is currently the highest-grossing movie of 2023), and Spider-Man: No Way Home. As successful as Barbie was at the box office, Taylor Swift just might end up surpassing it. Insane.

5. Some songs/performances have been cut from the film

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As we mentioned earlier, The Eras tour runtime clocks in at 2h 48m, which means there had to be some cuts made (though we certainly wouldn't have minded had it gone over three hours). Songs such as "Wildest Dreams" and "Love Live" are missing from the film setlist, and there were also some notable costume changes that were cutdown too. Who knows? Maybe Swift has some more things in store for whenever the film hits streaming platforms. For now, it seems as though we'll have to catch some of those songs by way of YouTube clips.

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour is now available to watch in movie theaters.

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