A 1990s Classic and Anime Challenges Make Up This Week's Viral TikTok Challenges

Some cool trends this week for you to try out

Mikey Caloca

Lighter days, brighter days, and more interesting TikTok trends to try out. While we love a good dance challenge, it is also cool to see the other sides of TikTok, where people tap into their different talents. This week we saw the revival of a popular 1990s classic, anime challenges, and more. These trends aren’t super difficult, and most importantly, they are entertaining. Let’s check out what was popular this week. 

1. ‘For Me’ - Chase B and OMB Bloodbath and KenThMan

Released towards the end of 2020, this song has finally landed in the hands of the TikTok community. This trend is all about the transitions. You have to start the challenge off by pretending you're knocking on a door, and from there, it’s fair game. Most have chosen to create a short dance or mouth the lyrics, but one TikTok creator used the transitions to show themselves making a margarita. You can definitely play around a bit with this one, but just make sure you hit those transitions!

2. ‘Man! I Feel Like A Woman’ Shania Twain

Fewer artists were bigger than Shania Twain in the 1990s, and TikTokers are paying homage to the music legend by recreating her famous 1997 hit ‘Man! I Feel Like A Woman!’ This is probably one of the most unique challenges to hit the TikTok platform, with creators making various videos highlighting feminism. Many teenagers are creating TikToks showing off their prom dresses, but there have also been quite a few who have used this opportunity to highlight their grades, cooking skills, how they balance motherhood, etc. This is certainly a trend worth scrolling through.

3. ‘Cloud 9’ Beach Bunny

Beach Bunny is back on the list of the top trends, and this time around, it’s with their 2020 single ‘Cloud 9.’ This challenge is basically TikTok creators documenting their most ‘sucky’ life experiences. The recurring theme seems to be TikTokers recounting their awful middle and high school encounters. Still, some are also using the song to highlight bad relationships and their most embarrassing moments. Sometimes it’s good to express your emotions, so this challenge could be perfect for those looking to get their most frustrating moments off their chest.

4. Renai Circulation (English Cover) [TV Size]’ Lizz Robinett

Anime trends are always really cool, and this latest one is set to the tune of ‘Renai Circulation’ by Lizz Robinett. The English cover was released earlier this month, and TikTokers are using the track to share their best aesthetic content. One creator made a video showing off her personally designed bedroom stickers, while another dressed up as their favorite anime character. This challenge is wide open, so you can do just about anything as long as it’s creative and anime-themed.

That’s going to wrap up this week, but we'll be back next week with another round up.

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