Subway Mania is Timothy Rivera's Mass Transit Rumble

NYC train rides are infinitely more exciting thanks to Subway Mania

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The daily commute of your average New Yorker is equal parts mundane and exciting. When we say exciting, we mean it in the worst ways possible—the horrendous smell of someone smashing hot Halal food in the seat across from you, a group of kids constantly failing at flipping their hats onto their heads during a "SHOWTIME!" performance, and the general discomfort that comes from squeezing into a crowded train during rush hour immediately come to mind.

Diehard wrestling fan Timothy Rivera (who happens to be a resident video editor at ONE37pm) chooses to make everyone's MTA rides a bit more riveting with something wholly entertaining and capable of bringing good vibes. That brand on NYC train shenanigans is called "Subway Mania," which is an incredible parody cosplay of the most popular WWF/E legends that features over-the-top entrances and matches. With millions of views across social media, tons of positive acknowledgment from actual wrestlers, and even an on-stage appearance during YAMS Day 2019, Subway Mania has transformed from a cool passion project into an undeniable phenomenon.

Join us as we catch up with Timothy to talk about his wrestling passions, how he came up with Subway Mania, and so much more.

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@williefromqueens / @roevisions

ONE37pm: Can you remember the first time you ever watched wrestling?

Timothy Rivera: Wrestling has always been part of my life since the day I was born. My parents always had it on the TV in the living room and made sure it was on every week whether it was WCW or WWE (F).

ONE37pm: Who were some of your favorites growing up?

Rivera: I have a lot but my favorites were Scott Hall, Eddie Guerrero, Steve Austin, The Rock, Bret Hart, nWo, and DX. The list goes on with so many great wrestlers during the Attitude Era/ Ruthless Aggression Era.

ONE37pm: You grew up in New York, right? Did you get clowned in your hood for loving wrestling so much? Or did you have a bunch of friends who were just as passionate about it as you were?

Rivera: I never really gotten made fun of for watching wrestling. I mean, you had those people who always said "You know it's not real, right?" but other than that majority of people watched wrestling. It's part of mainstream media. Back then we used to have school wrestling fights in the yard Smackdown vs. Raw style. Some kids would act as if they were in Raw and SmackDown and we would just all wrestle.

ONE37pm: When did the concept for Subway Mania come to you? And how did you go about turning that dream into a reality?

Rivera: My mom had gotten me a replica WWF champion belt for my high school graduation as a gift. One day I had this idea of my friend posing as The Rock holding the belt but instead of the corner of a wrestling ring, we do it on the corner of a subway seat or on the corner of the train. I was determined to do that but I wanted to actually have a concept so I just said, Let's do a parody of a WWE segment but on the subway. We did that and released it online and fans were asking "Where's the match at?" It was just going to be a joke, a one-time thing. So I came up with a match and the rest is history. I started coming up with more ideas such as the Subway Royal Rumble, where you eliminate your opponent once the train doors open at every stop. I'm still coming up with more ideas. The Subway is like our playground and there are infinite ideas we can come up with in the train.

People who are on their commute to work or home and see us on the train end up coming with us to watch our show and tell us they don't care if they go to work late, they refuse to miss Subway Mania live.

- Timothy Rivera
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