Introducing ONE37pm's 'Today I' and Diving into the World of Psychics

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You know what they say: you learn something new every single day. In the spirit of that ethos, today ONE37pm is launching our latest pilot, titled: Today I. Featuring none other than our resident funny man and TikTok legend, Sean Millea, Today I highlights the man, the myth, the legend as he tries to learn some new things and share his findings with our hungry audience. On the inaugural episode of the series, Sean attempts to find the truth about psychics. Thus, the episode is aptly named, "Today I Find the Truth About Psychics."

A bit of a skeptic, Sean traverses New York City looking for a couple of psychics to help him either prove or disprove the practice. Finding a psychic who is open and taking walk-ins is, apparently, much more difficult than one would anticipate.

Nonetheless, Sean eventually makes his way into a few offices, picking up some pieces of advice peppered throughout readings ranging from accurate to... less accurate. For both skeptics and psychic die-hards, watching Sean meander around the city looking for mediums to put to the test is an absolute blast. Watching the crumbling of Sean's preconceived notions surrounding the practice is essentially the premise of Today I.

I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty skeptical about psychics. But this kind of freaked me out.

- Sean Millea, self-described "skeptic"

Today I demonstrates that the world isn't always the way we picture it in our heads. Although Sean has historically operated as a psychic skeptic, when he actually dives into the world of readings, you can watch his world view begin to change. You've got to watch the full video to witness which moments spark the most belief out of a self-described non-believer.

You learn something new every day, and with Sean Millea at the helm of Today I, we get to learn something new along with him. Keep your eye on ONE37pm's social channels, as we'll soon be back with another episode of Today I and have numerous other shows in store coming your way.

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