5 Twitter Features You May Not Know Of and Why You Should Be Using Them

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When using social media platforms such as Twitter, there are many features that you may not know about and should be taking advantage of. Here’s a list of five Twitter features you might not be aware of and how to use them:

1. Super Follows

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Super Follows are a monthly subscription service where you can pay to see and be a part of exclusive content for your favorite creators. It entails seeing tweets only for the user’s Super Follows, having access to Super Follow only Twitter Spaces, and having a cool pink badge next to your username whenever you reply to one of their tweets. 

2. Twitter Communities

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Twitter Communities is exactly what it sounds like. It allows people to tweet, share thoughts, and connect about a specific topic in its own tab. Any user on Twitter can start their own and make it public or private. Also, you can personalize your community by choosing moderators, setting your own rules, changing the logo, and much more.

3. Twitter Blue

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Twitter Blue offers a ton of features at a pretty low cost. It’s $2.99 USD a month and is available on iOS, Android, and Web clients. When you subscribe to Twitter Blue, it includes ad-free articles, a tab to see the top articles within your network of people, an easy thread reader, custom navigation for your tabs, the ability to preview and undo tweets, choose your app’s theme, make your profile picture an NFT you own, upload videos that are 1080p and up to ten minutes long, and change your Twitter app icon on your home screen.

4. Pinned DMs

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Pinning your DMs is one of the newest features Twitter has to offer. It was released in February of this year and it allows you to pin up to five DMs. The same way you can pin text messages in your messages app, it acts as the same thing. This is valuable if you DM with a lot of people, and you want to keep the most important people at the top so you never miss their DMs. 

5. Search for a Tweet

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Search for a Tweet is highly underused. It allows you to search for a specific tweet from any Twitter user. How it works: You type into the search bar, “from:{the Twitter account’s handle, but don’t include the @} {Key word/phrase}. For example, if I wanted to search for the tweet: “Shoutout to farmers 🧑‍🌾”, it would look like the image above.

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